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February 20, 2007

Paul Casey


Q. Thoughts on your first round opponent - Mike Weir?
PAUL CASEY: Gritty, tough. I beat him at the World Match Play but he did have a slight injury and I think this is going to be a tight match. He has a lot of experience and I have got to play well as I did at Wentworth to win.
Q. How much confidence did that win at Wentworth give you coming into a week like this?
PAUL CASEY: It certainly helps. My match play record last year was pretty good. In fact the last couple of years it has not been bad. This is 18 hole match play so you have to be quick out of the blocks. It does help to have confidence. I have to admit, having moved to a new venue from La Costa where I didn't have much success, I am quite enjoying that as well. It is desert golf. I am used to desert golf. It is not the most challenging set up tee to green so it will come down to a bit of a putting contest and I have to get the putter working if I want to be a couple guys and get through to the weekend. That's the key I think.
Q. This is a bit like home for you, living an hour or so away?
PAUL CASEY: Bit further than that but not too bad. I have not been to Tucson for quite a while. We played a bit of college golf here and I played the Tucson Open once. It is nice. It is like people saying this is home when there is an event in London and they live in Birmingham so it is not quite home. But it is nice being able to drive here. I feel like a local, sort of. Didn't have to deal with the time differences. But this is University of Arizona territory and I am an Arizona State boy. There is a bit a rivalry there although their basketball team is not doing too well at the moment, but ours has never done too well. It is all good. I do get good support down here as although the schools do have big rivalry they are still the same state. It's fun.
Q. How you approach these matches, playing the course or the man?
PAUL CASEY: I have to play the course. And this week it is all about making birdies. I think a lot of holes will be halved with birdies. I played yesterday, another round today and just figure out how to make as many birdies as possible. I cannot worry about playing Mike Weir. He is very gritty and I don't think he is going to give me anything out there. I have to play the golf course. You can't say I have to shoot 66 or 65 to win this match, you just have to let it happen. You have to plot your way round and be sensible, keep it in play as keeping it in play puts pressure on the other guy.
Q. You are on a good side of the draw?
PAUL CASEY: I think I am. I don't like to look ahead. It may be Monty or Edfors if I do get through but it is very much one match at a time. I didn't even know who I was playing in the first round until somebody told me yesterday. I wasn't about to worry about it. You waste energy if you worry about it too much as every match is tough.
Q. Darren is still the only European to have won this event but we have a strong contingent this year?
PAUL CASEY: It is getting stronger every year. Hopefully one of us pulls it off.
Q. 11 of the last Ryder Cup team here which is impressive?
PAUL CASEY: I think we have a very strong representation here and hopefully I can get further than I have ever got before. If it is up against one of the other Europeans then that's great as it means the other Europeans have got through. It would be tough. I wouldn't want to face Luke or someone but if that is the case then so be it. It is difficult because they are mates, but I hope I am.

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