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February 4, 2007

Tiger Woods


Q. How frustrating to end the week just one or two shy with the number of shots you've left on the course?
TIGER WOODS: Well, that's one of the worst putting weeks I've had in a long time, very frustrating. Just got a lot of work to do when I go home.

Q. Obviously you did get a run going in the middle of the back nine, how is it that you can chip in and hole putts when you absolutely have to?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, but I missed short ones, too. You always have to make them all day and I didn't do that.

Q. 10 and 11 very uncharacteristic for you; what happened there?
TIGER WOODS: 10 I was trying to hit a 3-wood as hard as I could and laid the club down behind me. It was laying behind me and I threw it and hit it about a foot fat.
Then 11 I just hit that fat. I was [] trying to hit a soft little chip-and-run and just muffed it right in the bunker.

Q. Looking forward to what now coming up in the future?
TIGER WOODS: Well, hopefully my Colts will win the Super Bowl.

Q. Just a few short.
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I hit it well enough to at least give myself a chance, and just did not putt all with well. I putted poorly all week, and it's frustrating because normally, I don't really putt well on poor greens. Like I did last week. I made a lot of putts. And I come over here to the best greens we've seen in a long time and I miss a bunch.

Q. These conditions weren't easy, were they?
TIGER WOODS: No, you had to grind it out. Just had to stay patient. You knew the guys were not going to go low today. Just trying to hang in there as best you could. I guess I did that for most of the day.

Q. What did you make of Ross Fisher?
TIGER WOODS: I thought Ross played well. He handled himself great. He hits a lot of wonderful shots, until the last, 16 and 17 got him. But he was right there in contention with a chance to win.

Q. Is it more the read?
TIGER WOODS: The stroke itself, poor putts. Just had a hard time getting the ball started on line. Had a block or a pull and couldn't aim for each one because I didn't know which one was coming.

Q. You chipped long 1 and short at 2.
TIGER WOODS: Just two bad shots.

Q. When do you go home?
TIGER WOODS: As soon as I'm -- tonight I think. Unfortunately I'm going to miss the Super Bowl. We'll be calling from the plane.

Q. When do you decide when you'll play?
TIGER WOODS: I'm going to go home and just kind of figure it out. Hopefully get my putting organised before I compete again.

Q. How much discomfort was it with the sand?
TIGER WOODS: You know, I never wear sunglasses, I practise and play with them every day at home. I've never used them in competition before today I had a hard time warming up today. I was blinking a lot, eyes were tearing pretty good, and it was more of a distraction than anything else. Might as well just put the sunglasses on and pretend like I'm at home.

Q. Is it a problem for you wearing sunglasses in a competition?
TIGER WOODS: I've just never done it. So it just something I've never done. I can't putt in them, that's for sure. I always take them off when I chip-and-putt. Full shots, I'm fine with it.

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