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February 2, 2007

Tiger Woods


Q. A round with five birdies and no bogeys, how do you feel with your morning's work?
TIGER WOODS: I feel room for improvement out there. Didn't drive it very good early, but I fixed that coming in. My distance control of my irons wasn't all that great and I didn't make any putts.
It was frustrating. I had great speed on the greens again. But today wasn't really starting the ball online. It was more I didn't read it right.

Q. I understand Mr. O'Meara was giving you a bit of help yesterday, what did he spot and did it help?
TIGER WOODS: I just asked him what he saw. I told him I felt I was standing too much back on my heels which has always been a tendency of mine to get my butt out too far, sort of having all of the lines over the balls of your feet. He confirmed it, and it felt better today. But again, didn't make any putts.

Q. You said that you sorted out the driving on the way around, what did you manage to do in your swing that helped you do had a?
TIGER WOODS: I got my legs organised, my head organized and got my wrist and release better. It felt pretty good coming in.

Q. You understand your golf better more than you out used to?
TIGER WOODS: Oh, God, eons better. I know how to fix it out there which is great.

Q. I understand obviously you played with Miguel today and you get on well with him; can you understand his accent, because we struggle sometimes?
TIGER WOODS: Actually, yeah, I can understand it. I have no problem. He's so funny. Some of the lines he comes up, the one-liners he comes up with out there is pretty good.

Q. 24 hours before you play again.
TIGER WOODS: Well, I've got to go practise first of all and get this organised and be ready for tomorrow.
I just didn't feel like I made many putts today. I was all around the hole and most of them were actually misreads. Actually it was kind of weird. So, it wasn't like yesterday when I wasn't starting the ball on line. I was starting the ball on line but wasn't reading them correctly.

Q. Spend a lot on that last night, the technique?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I just got my weight was off a little bit. One of my old tendencies is to get my butt hanging back and I don't get the weight off the balls of my feet like I need to so I can release the blade properly.

Q. You were saying about Jiménez, do you watch onto what he's saying?
TIGER WOODS: I don't have a problem with it.

Q. You don't?
TIGER WOODS: No, uh-uh.

Q. Can you speak Spanish?
TIGER WOODS: Not really. But for some reason I don't have a problem picking it up. I have a harder time with some of the Scots out here. (Laughter).

Q. Do you chat fast cars with him or what do you chat about him?
TIGER WOODS: Everything, we talked about different things. He's just a great guy. You know, it's good to see him playing well.

Q. How would you analyse his swing?
TIGER WOODS: Well, you know he's going to draw the ball, that's for sure. Just a matter of how much he's going to draw it.
For the first two days here, I don't think he's ever missed a shot right. Every ball started out to the right and drew back. Sometimes he may have overdrawn it. He's always going to have that one shape, which is great.

Q. How impressive is 14-under par for the first two days?
TIGER WOODS: Absolutely great playing. The greens are perfect out there, so, you know, you get hitting it pretty good and you can make some serious putts out here.

Q. Did you expect something as low as that after two rounds? I think you indicated that.
TIGER WOODS: I told Stevie today the leader would be 13, 14, somewhere in there. The guys go out in the afternoon today, the greens are great, not as much wind so, expect the guys to go low again this afternoon.

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