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January 27, 2007

Tiger Woods


Q. I know you probably would have liked more birdies on the back but a bunch of pars actually helped you too, didn't it?
TIGER WOODS: As I said, I had a couple chances at birdies but also more important, I didn't drop a shot. I dropped a shot a couple of times and made some nice, key putts to keep the round going and keep momentum going and basically keep me in contention.

Q. Did you see any boards out there, any idea what the lead might have been?
TIGER WOODS: It was at 14 at one point I saw. I thought they would probably end up anywhere between 12 and 14. With the wind blowing the way it's at, the fairways are not exactly easy to hit, just the speed of them.

Q. Your choice on the fairway bunker there, third time this week with a 5-wood; stubbornness?
TIGER WOODS: No. It was a shot. It was either you lay it up -- because it's playing downwind, you can't get close to that flag. Into the wind, I would probably lay up, use a sand wedge and spun it back down the hill. But downwind, no way getting it close.
So may as well trying to get it over the back of the bunker or over the green where I put it and try to get up-and-down from there.

Q. Best option on 13 as well?
TIGER WOODS: 13 was an easy shot. The problem is with my last two poor shots, 5-wood out of the fairway bunker I was trying to get the ball up in the air and Stevie was telling me, it's a 5-wood, it's not like hitting a 2-iron anymore. Just hit a normal 5-wood, stay down on it, release the club, don't need to try to help it up in the air. Just hit a high cut, a solid shot and it came out perfect.

Q. After your round Thursday --
TIGER WOODS: This golf course is not playing easy. It's not playing easy at all. The fairways are fast. They are running, and on top of that, these greens are firming up a little bit. They are not exactly smooth, either.

Q. Does it matter whether you're in the last group or not?
TIGER WOODS: I'd like to be in there. But if I'm not, as long as I'm still within striking distance, I should be in between like two and four back going into tomorrow.

Q. Did that putt surprise you?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I didn't think it could go left. I played inside left, thinking it was going to go right and it went left. It's just a new pin. I've never seen it there before. Jeff got fooled, his putt went right. And Todd's stayed left, didn't come back to the right. And I figured with my angle, it should go to the right, and it didn't.

Q. Do you know anything about Andrew Buckle?
TIGER WOODS: No. There's a lot of new guys out here I don't know. You go out on the range and there's a bunch of new faces I haven't seen before.

Q. Looking at a lot of bags and badges this week?
TIGER WOODS: Pretty much.

Q. First tournament of the year, winning streak on the line --
TIGER WOODS: It's nice to be in contention the first week out. That's why I prepared as hard as I did to put myself in this spot and hopefully tomorrow I can stay out of the bunkers a little bit and make a few putts. Again, also stay bogey-free would be nice.

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