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January 26, 2007

Phil Mickelson


Q. 66, you have to be happy with the way you finished?
PHIL MICKELSON: It was a much better day today and obviously playing the North was a lot easier than the South.
Yesterday I didn't have very many birdie putts. I didn't have great distance control with my irons and I had a late night session last night trying to get my irons dialed in. Today I had a lot more birdie putts.
So I shot 6-under but I also had a lot of 12-, 15-footers for birdies that I did make but I had chances to go low.

Q. How different with the wind?
PHIL MICKELSON: The wind made it more difficult certainly but again coming over on the North Course, it's a much easier course to take advantage of and make birdies. The South is very tough. Since it's been re-designed, it's one of the hardest golf courses I've ever played. And when the wind comes up it's hard to make pars let alone birdies.

Q. (Advantage of draw).
PHIL MICKELSON: Maybe, I don't think it matters either way. It also made it harder on some holes in the North. I don't think it mattered which one you played first.

Q. Switching drivers you were talking about, what was that --
PHIL MICKELSON: I've been experimenting with a couple versions of the FT5. I've been driving it great, shot 2-over yesterday, not too much rough, let's go ahead and put one in play. Because the only way to tell if you like a club or not is to play it in a tournament.

Q. What's the difference?
PHIL MICKELSON: Length, center of gravity. This is a longer one. I've been messing with the FT5 for Augusta, so already I'm trying to figure out which driver I'm going to use there. It looks like the "I" is going to make the lineup for Augusta.

Q. And the putter?
PHIL MICKELSON: I just go back and forth between these two day-to-day. This one is the one I used last year at The Masters and the other one was the one I used at the PGA in 2000 five. I use both putters and travel with them at all times. I just wanted something a little different.
I'll go back and forth all year just like I did last year and the year before. I like having two different looks and feels and these both are dialed in.

Q. The Futura was in the rotation for a while there, too.
PHIL MICKELSON: A long time ago.

Q. You mentioned the majors, Augusta and the PGA, when you go into Augusta knowing there's 100 guys in the field there and it's a golf course that suits power, high-ball hitters, in your mind do you feel like you've got 30, 40 guys to beat this week, versus the other majors is what I'm saying, the full field?
PHIL MICKELSON: The thing about Augusta is not so much the length that minimizes who can really win the tournament. I think it's the challenge around the greens. Because the greens are so difficult that short game putting and years of being on them and knowing which way they break is really critical.
But because you can misread greens by 20 feet there. It's been done a number of times and so if you have played there a bunch, you recall past experiences and it really helps.

Q. Position for the weekend?
PHIL MICKELSON: I haven't seen a leaderboard yet but regardless of where the lead; I've got to shoot a low round tomorrow, and that's kind of the goal. Try to shoot 6- or 7-under par on the South, that's a task. It's not a very easy course.

Q. (About being aware of cut).
PHIL MICKELSON: I was conscious of it starting today because I wanted more competitive rounds. I was just rustier than I thought I would be I didn't have the touch with my irons, my chipping wasn't sharp.
So instead of having two or three feet after a chip I was having six or seven. Instead of having a 15-footer for birdie, I was having 30. So all of the little feel shots, the touch was just a little rusty. So I was conscious of the cut because I needed a couple extra competitive rounds so I was very pleased to get in with 6-under today and make it.

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