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October 12, 2006

Tony La Russa


Q. Can you talk about both starting pitchers tonight?
TONY LaRUSSA: Well, it pains me that -- no way in hell, to suggest Jeff's name for tomorrow -- no way to suggest that he's a losing pitcher. He was equally as good, two outs, nobody on, two-run out like that, we can't break through offensively. Jeff was outstanding. So was Glavine. We hit too many balls in the air. I mean, it's tough to win when you do that.

Q. Beltrán's home run, does that give you bad flashbacks to a couple years ago in the playoffs?
TONY LaRUSSA: A bad flashback to when we were here in August or September when he did that to us.
He's in a good spot, he's got a guy behind him that can challenge. He was so aggressive all night long. He made a great pitch on Lo Duca and Scott made a great effort, just barely out of his reach. That's the way this game was decided, it was really close and they broke through like that.
We had a couple chances, though.

Q. The play with Albert straight off first base, or too far off the bag?
TONY LaRUSSA: Let me tell you, Albert is an outstanding baserunner and I'm not exaggerating, he's an outstanding baserunner. Part of it is aggressiveness and almost always he mixes in good sense. That was the exception. They had a read -- when he first read it, he read blooper but the ball hung up in the wind and basically a mistake; a rare one for him.

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