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May 28, 2006

Paul Casey


RODDY WILLIAMS: Paul, well played in difficult conditions and once again in the mix going into the final day. How do you feel after the round today?

PAUL CASEY: That was pretty solid. I was happy with that. One of the best, obviously I had a great round the first round but that was a nicely compiled round. So, solid. I didn't feel like I was struggling at any point. I put the ball in play most of the way around and gave myself chances, which I was very, very happy with.

RODDY WILLIAMS: How difficult was it out there with the rain?

PAUL CASEY: Not too bad. 12 got a little windy and obviously on 17, it really started to come down quite hard. But apart from that, it was damp, but not unplayable at any point. It was challenging, lots of towels, lots of umbrella movement.

RODDY WILLIAMS: But you're up there, got David Howell to catch at the moment, how do you feel about that?

PAUL CASEY: He looks like he's playing great golf. I was watching TV on the last there and he played a fantastic third shot into 17, I think it was his third shot. Unfortunately he's going to have to come back to us tomorrow if anybody's got any chance I think, unless Jiménez can post another 65. That's what I need, something like that, but I don't see David Howell faltering in any way.

Yeah, I need to pull out something special, like my first round score if I'm going to get a sniff of it.

Q. Obviously know David pretty well, what did you learn about him extra at Oakland Hills on that Saturday morning?

PAUL CASEY: Extra? I don't know really what I learned extra about Howell that day. He just showed incredible nerve, incredible skill. You know, I'd make a couple of birdies here or there, but I feel he was although I holed the putts on the last, he was the one that was instrumental in holding it together because he threw in a couple of birdies, obviously the very significant one on 17.

Just gutsy and able to pull out a shot when he needs to. So impressive.

Q. So to chase him is a tricky one?

PAUL CASEY: Yes, I think he's difficult to catch.

Q. You holed some very nice putts out there today. You must have been annoyed with the last one on 18?

PAUL CASEY: It just jumped. I had an eagle opportunity and a birdie opportunity both from about eight feet yesterday on 17 and 18 and missed both of those, not through poor putts, they just jumped. Gary McCord once described the greens we once played in a tournament as waffle irons, I think these have the same sort of consistency as waffle irons on occasions. It's just the footprints. They are so soft.

Q. What's the distance?

PAUL CASEY: Six feet. They just jumped left.

Q. Did you get put on the clock at any time today?

PAUL CASEY: No. But it felt slow. No, we were waiting on Niclas and Raphael most of the day, but they looked like they were being held up as well.

Q. A few guys did.

PAUL CASEY: I found that this course generally can be quite difficult to get around quickly. It just seems there's a lot of crossing areas and guys have to wait for other guys teeing off.

RODDY WILLIAMS: Give us the details of those birdies.

PAUL CASEY: Bogey on 1 was a tee shot in the left rough behind a tree, pitched out.

5 iron middle of the green, and two putts from 30 feet.

3, driver, 5 iron and about an eight foot putt.

4, driver, 4 iron, two putts from 45 feet.

12, driver, 3 wood, missed the green right, pitched to about 12 feet and holed it.

No. 17, driver, hooked 5 iron around the corner, bump and run from 80 yards to about three feet.

Q. The two people who really made an impress yesterday and today shot 65s. Do you feel you have a 65 in you for this course tomorrow?

PAUL CASEY: I have shot 64 once around this course. Obviously a lot has changed on this golf course since I shot that number. And I think they were much better conditions than this.

I would like to think so, but it's difficult being able to pull it out when you want it. So I'll just have to be very relaxed tomorrow and try and let it happen.

I think I'm capable of doing it, but I'm going to need some putts to drop.

Q. Playing in the group just in front of David, will you just be able to put the pressure on a bit that way?

PAUL CASEY: I mean, I'd like to put the pressure on him but as I say, he's got to make a mistake. I mean, if I get off to a hot start but it's difficult to get off to a hot start around here. They put the tee back on 3. 3 is tough. It's a very, very tough start, so it's tough to get off to a flying start. But maybe, you know it works the other way, don't know.

RODDY WILLIAMS: Thanks very much.

End of FastScripts.

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