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May 26, 2006

Paul Casey


Q. Frustrating day for you from where you started and in these conditions, not too bad.

PAUL CASEY: Not too bad. A little bit frustrated because I had a couple chances at the end that I let slip. The greens haven't been a good friend of mine, they are like waffle lines, they just can't dry them out, and that's nothing you can control. I played well after the start I had. It wasn't a great start, 3 over at one point. So, you know, back where I started and it looks like you know, the guys aren't running away too far. Nick played some fantastic golf to be 8 under, so just chasing at the weekend.

Q. And the wind really picked up during your round?

PAUL CASEY: It did. I was worried it was going to rain, and the wind was pretty ferocious out there. And Wentworth is a very difficult course anyway to judge the wind on, so I think they did a good job guessing the wind and just getting around there and giving myself chances.

Q. You're still well placed for the weekend?

PAUL CASEY: No, very happy with that. It's nice to be frustrated with the score and currently only three off the pace. If something clicks and the putts start dropping, then maybe I'll have a chance on the weekend.

Q. A battling round in every sense wasn't it?

PAUL CASEY: It was, it wasn't a great start, I was 3 over after only a few holes early on and then the wind really picked up which made it really difficult, so I was happy to get back to level.

The day and it looks like I'm not that far off the pace, Nick has played some fantastic golf to be 8 under and looks like he's going to be the man to chase on the weekend.

Q. The wind did become a big factor?

PAUL CASEY: I was very worried about the rain coming down early on and it didn't but the wind, it's difficult to judge at the best of times at Wentworth and when it's blowing as hard as this it makes it's difficult. I gave myself lots of chances. I didn't put too much pressure on myself the remainder of the holes and I think that was the reason I got back to level par at the end.

Q. You hung on in there and then you had really a great opportunity at the 17th after what really was a superb second shot?

PAUL CASEY: It was, it was a fantastic 3 wood. We had a long, long way to go. That was 170 yards or so. And it must have got some run because these fairways are pretty wet. Fortunate to get on the green there and we were seven or eight feet away and unfortunately the putt slid past for eagle and fortunately the putt on 18 for birdie slipped past as well. So after a disappointing start, maybe a little bit disappointed I wasn't under par.

Q. Back where you started, but in terms of the tournament, Saturday and Sunday to come, you're in pretty good shape, aren't you?

PAUL CASEY: Yeah, surprising. So I'm happy with that. If things click, I'm striking the ball very nicely, nothing's really problematic. It was just one of those days where things didn't maybe sort of go the way I wanted to early on. But if things go anyway the rest of the weekend, then I think I may have a good chance on the weekend.

Q. Can I just ask you, your relationship with Nick and Luke, how close is that in terms of contact?

PAUL CASEY: Well, we're very good mates. I think we've just known each other for a very long time. It's difficult to keep in touch with these guys when you're all over the world. And in the middle of a tournament, you know, we're not going to be winding each other up that much. You know, it's more we have very good respect for each other and we have a lot of fun, but we seem to spur each other on, which is a great thing. There's no envy between any of us or jealousy which is great. We just have a laugh and play great golf.

It's one of those things, if I see Luke doing well winning tournaments, it makes me try harder. The same with David Howell or Nick or any of the other British lads, you see them playing well, and it spurs you on. I think it's great. I think it's why British golf is really healthy right now.

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