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May 25, 2006

Paul Casey


GORDON SIMPSON: Paul, it was a fairly spectacular finish, it's just put you in a very strong position and coming into our media center again is becoming a habit recently. Maybe you'd like to see yourself here Sunday night.

PAUL CASEY: Yes, please. No, I'm very happy with that. I thought it was very tricky out there this afternoon, but very happy just to make a few birdies. It was a good round as far as ball striking is concerned and nice that a couple of putts in the end that dropped, so very, very happy with that.

GORDON SIMPSON: Clearly you've known Wentworth fairly well through your life.

PAUL CASEY: This is the first ever professional tournament that I watched live was here and I came to many PGA Championships and the Match Play events and watched the greats of the game, Seve and all the rest of it play down these guys, so very, very good memories. Not far from home. Would dearly love to have a good finish.

Q. Could we get the details of 17 and 18?

PAUL CASEY: 17, very good drive, I don't know how far it was, but it left me about 250 to the front, not sure total. I hit a 5 wood, a nice easy 5 wood to finish right on the front edge. The putt was about six feet just right of the hole and it kind of horseshoed in.

18, good drive at the top of the trees, 5 iron from 218 and a 9 footer or something like that, ten foot.

Q. Any disappointment over the last two weeks or are you just happy to be playing consistently well?

PAUL CASEY: I think exactly that. Happy to just I don't think I've been consistent in the past. I've always been a bit up and down. So this is something different, something new. I don't feel like I'm doing anything particularly different. Maybe it's just the work that I put in over the wintertime is paying off, simple as that.

GORDON SIMPSON: So you see things going in the right direction for getting into the Top 50 and contending regularly.

PAUL CASEY: For this week, for example, this typically is not been a golf course I've played well around. I think I'm excited about the changes, maybe just brought a fresh view of Wentworth, for me anyway. And maybe that's what I needed. I've just continued to play nice, solid golf and here I am in the mix again.

Q. Did it make you smile; Thomas won and went up three spots and you finished second and went up ten.

PAUL CASEY: I didn't know that. (Laughing).

Oh, well, there you go. I was just happy to be back in the Top 50.

Q. It did make you smile.

PAUL CASEY: It's making my smile now.

Q. And an important ten.

PAUL CASEY: Yes. When is the cutoff for the U.S. Open?

Q. This week. That was the goal, have you revised your goals?

PAUL CASEY: No. Not yet.

Q. You said that you had struggled to figure this course out. Is it something that's just clicked now?

PAUL CASEY: I just think that, one, it's very wet out there. So Wentworth is notorious for its bounces. It can be quite fierce and unpredictable when it's firm; some will say tricky.

I think the new length has made the decisions off the tee slightly easier. I mean, for example, 17 was a question as to whether it was a 3 wood or a driver. Now it's automatically a driver. The other holes they have changed, it's fairly obvious now as to where you have to hit the golf ball and with the new bunkers it's very obvious as well. Maybe the bunkering has just sharpened my focus and maybe the length has made the decision for the tee shot easier.

Q. Last week you said your length might help you on an extended course.

PAUL CASEY: Yeah, and yesterday is actually the first time I played around here. Craig had walked the golf course, I had seen the changes in the yardage book, but I didn't play it until yesterday so I was pleasantly surprised.

Q. You shot a very good score Saturday in 2003 to put yourself a couple back.

PAUL CASEY: Finished about 10th or 11th.

Q. That day you had a bad start and then you had a lot of birdie putts that didn't drop, with the way you're more consistent now if you get into a similar position on Sunday, do you really fancy yourself around here?

PAUL CASEY: I don't know if I fancy myself around here, but there's so many you look at the class of field this week, it's going to be whoever wins this week has played some unbelievable golf to win against these guys. I just want to be in the mix again. What some would think are disappointments over the last couple weeks, I actually enjoyed it. I enjoy being in the mix and being in contention down the stretch. Last week was highly entertaining. What was a miserable week turned out to be quite exciting in the end which was great.

This week, if the greens dry out a little bit and you're able to hole some putts, then I think it's going to be an unbelievable event. Just look at the class. Tomorrow I think we'll have a better idea of where everybody stands.

Q. Do you find more comfortable when the conditions are good?

PAUL CASEY: I have no question about my putting. Last week I thought the greens were spectacular when I holed some putts. At The Belfry I thought they were a bit bumpy. Yeah, we'll see.

Q. You talked about a valuable lesson that you learned at The Belfry, which was?

PAUL CASEY: I'm not going to tell you that. You tried to get that out of me last week. (Laughter).

GORDON SIMPSON: Well played, Paul.

End of FastScripts.

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