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July 22, 2006

Paul Casey


Q. What happened on those two holes where you made triple bogeys?

PAUL CASEY: Well, that's 15 shots I'd have to describe, so we might be here for a while. I got stuck in the bunker on 10 again. The greenside trap on the right, it took me three goes to get it out because we were so far into the lip there was nowhere to go. Eventually got it away from the lip so I could go sideways and back 20 yards short of the green, chipped out and missed the putt. It sounds quite simple when you put it like that.

The other one, the triple on 14, left fairway trap again in the face. I had no way of even going sideways. I had one go at trying to get it out and didn't. Luckily it was back in a place where I could get it out, chipped up and missed the putt.

Q. Can you sort it out this afternoon?

PAUL CASEY: I'm not hitting it very well. What's frustrating is that I worked so hard on the game last week and it's just not there. I'm really, really struggling.

Q. Which way to turn?

PAUL CASEY: Well, any way is up. You can't get much worse than that.

Q. How many bunkers were you in today?

PAUL CASEY: It wasn't the number of bunkers it was the number of shots I took to get out.

Q. Do you think there's been too much pressure on the British boys, which is maybe why they're not doing very well?

PAUL CASEY: They haven't played well enough. I can't really talk for the other guys, really. I mean I've struggled this week with my game. I've always thought that of the majors this would probably be the most difficult one for me to do well at and maybe something like The Masters would suit my game the best. I don't know if that's the same for the other guys. I can understand the pressure put on all the guys, although I don't think it's really I'd hate to think it's the reason they haven't played well. I just think it's that they haven't played well.

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