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July 20, 2006

Paul Casey


PAUL CASEY: I hit a lot of greens in regulation.

Q. How did the course play given the rain?

PAUL CASEY: It was probably one of the biggest changes I've ever seen in a golf course in a short period of time like that, from yesterday afternoon to today. It's amazing what a little bit of rain will do. It was quite dramatic. It was very playable today. Scoring was there to be had because you could stop the ball on the green. The fairways were quicker than the greens, or yesterday they were. If you pitch the ball short, it will kick on. If you land on the green, it stops. It's difficult what it does to your brain when you're used to the ball releasing 15 to 20 yards. They're Open greens; they're difficult to read. They're natural grasses.

I didn't roll the ball particularly well. I made a putt or two here or there.

There was a good opportunity this morning, but then again, I didn't play a great round of golf. I'm as happy as I can be for level par. I'm not that far off.

The wind was switching a little bit today. I was trying on 17 to hit an 8 iron through the wind. It just turned over in the rough. I was trying to hit a straight low 8 iron into the wind. A combination of the grass and a little bit of wind off the right, which I didn't account for, took the ball to the left.

Sergio played really solid, very solid; I thought he looked really good. He had a three putt at the 10th where he went for the eagle; you couldn't blame him. The thing about playing with Sergio and Freddie is that they get a good looking crowd. It was very enjoyable. I like playing with Freddie and Sergio.

I think I had five birdies. You can take the positives out; I did have a few birdies and I held it together. Through the first nine holes it wasn't stellar. I'm not out of it, that's fine.

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