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May 12, 2006

Paul Casey


STEVEN FRANKLIN: You said it wasn't easy, but it certainly looked it. Can you take us through your round, Paul.

PAUL CASEY: I'm very, very happy with that. That was a nice round of golf. You know, I tried to stick to the same game plan. Obviously a couple of clubs changed off the tee today because the wind was slightly different. I gave myself as many opportunities at birdies as I could, and managed to save a couple of good pars, holes like 10 and 11, for example, a couple of good putts there to save par. So I feel lucky to get out with the 66 and very, very happy with it.

STEVEN FRANKLIN: No bogeys in two days. Do you remember the last time?

PAUL CASEY: No. Probably a first time for me.

STEVEN FRANKLIN: Now we're sitting at halfway and you are chasing a Belfry double. You're the last one to win here, so you obviously like the course. What are your thoughts for the weekend?

PAUL CASEY: There's a lot of golf left. I've been very fortunate to keep it out of trouble. I'm obviously going to aim to do that over the weekend but I'm sure there's other guy the behind me have had their up and downs and if they get a good run on the weekend they too shoot fantastic numbers and it's going to battle. It's far from over.

STEVEN FRANKLIN: We'll do your card and then questions.

PAUL CASEY: First, driver, 3 wood, lob wedge to about two feet.

Third, driver, 4 iron, bunker shot again to six feet.

6, 6 iron, 9 iron and a 15 footer.

Then a 7 iron on the 7th to about eight feet.

13, 3 wood off the tee. Hit a lob wedge in and hit the flag, otherwise it was destined for trouble. Finished about five feet away. That was lucky.

15, driver, 3 wood, 3 putts from 30 feet.

Q. How far were the putts on 10 and 11, the par saves?

PAUL CASEY: 10 was about almost eight feet. 11 was probably only six feet.

Q. Wasn't it here that you first played?

PAUL CASEY: My first ever European Tour event was here, 2001.

Q. How did you get in?

PAUL CASEY: Invite from the Tour. I made the cut on the nose and finished about 12th or 14th or something like that. So, very good memories. This was my first ever European Tour cheque.

Q. Do you speak to Peter on the phone?

PAUL CASEY: I spoke to him Wednesday night.

Q. Who said what?

PAUL CASEY: His words, mainly. I listened a lot.

Q. How much was the cheque for?

PAUL CASEY: I remember were we in Euros by then? 12,000 maybe.

STEVEN FRANKLIN: I could find out for you.

Q. Any reason why you always seem to play well here?

PAUL CASEY: I don't know, maybe because I have good memories. I love the way it looks. I think it's a very picturesque course, and I've always thought that the events have always been fantastic. The B&H was a great event, lots of history. Just the whole thing, it was a first class event, and this week, as well.

Q. Did You come here to watch any of The Ryder Cups?

PAUL CASEY: Unfortunately, no, I didn't get the chance, but I watched it on TV, so great memories of all the famous shots: the Torrance putt on the last; Christy O'Connor. Craig, my caddie, had never seen the plaque on the 18th until today, so I sent him over there to have a look.

Q. What would you hit from there now (the plaque)?

PAUL CASEY: What did would you hit from there? I don't know. I'm not sure how far. I hit six iron in from there but I was a long way in front of him.

Q. He had 190 to carry?

PAUL CASEY: He had 190 to carry. I would have been hitting a lot of club, as well.

Q. Did you feel ready to play like this?

PAUL CASEY: No, I didn't. Just excited to play. Really didn't know what to expect, so this is fantastic. I was just hoping I could sort of make the cut and get myself in contention on the weekend. That was the plan.

Q. Does it change your mindset when you have a three shot lead over the field?

PAUL CASEY: It shouldn't. I still have goals for the week and still aiming for that. I think it does if you start to look at it. But I played very nicely coming here. The golf certainly didn't change this afternoon and that's certainly going to be the plan for the weekend, just stick to the game plan.

Q. The shot at the 13th?

PAUL CASEY: Yeah, the lucky one, yeah. I mean, you saw the results where Paul (Lawrie) and Paul (Broadhurst) finished, they both walked off with 5, and I probably would have walked off with a 5, as well, if I had not hit the flag.

Q. Have far would the ball have gone?

PAUL CASEY: We all landed within a foot of each other and they were down in the gully just outside the bunker. It would have been 20 feet away, but it was an impossible little area to be in, so I was very lucky.

Q. It's a good time to run into form because you have a run of big tournaments ahead?

PAUL CASEY: No, I'm really looking forward to this whole stretch. Especially since I haven't played a lot of golf in the last few weeks. I'm excited about this whole stretch coming up and it feels great. If this is the way it's going to start out, I look forward to the rest of the summer.

Q. Presumably the motor racing trip you had was fun, but did you get competitive?

PAUL CASEY: No, no, never, although I did win the champagne. No, we had a lot of fun. Maybe that's what I should do on every Monday.

STEVEN FRANKLIN: Thanks very much. Thanks, Paul.

End of FastScripts.

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