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May 11, 2006

Paul Casey


STEVEN FRANKLIN: Thanks for coming in Paul, a great start, 67.

PAUL CASEY: I'm very happy with that today. It was perfect scoring conditions out there. I knew it was going to be well, I thought it would be maybe slightly easier this morning and I needed to take advantage of that. The greens were wonderful and soft, so no reason not to make birdies. That was a very nice, tidy round of golf. There was a nice par save on the 4th from about 15 feet, but really that was the only time I was in trouble. I wouldn't say a easy round of golf, but I was very happy with the tidy golf.

STEVEN FRANKLIN: You must like the setup at The Belfry it seems from your results in the past.

PAUL CASEY: Yeah, I didn't hit a lot of drivers today, so it's not a golf course that you hit driver everywhere. I think I have a good plan of how to play this golf course, a lot of 3 woods and it seems to have paid off today.

STEVEN FRANKLIN: We'll do your card and then open up for some questions. You had birdie at 12.

PAUL CASEY: 4 iron, 20 feet.

14, 7 iron, 15 footer straight up the hill.

Driver, pitched out down the fairway on 15 and hit a 56 degree wedge to about five feet.

1, 3 wood, 7 iron, 12 feet.

And driver, 4 iron, bunker shot to six feet.

Q. How is your form?

PAUL CASEY: You know, I played well in China, but yesterday was the first full round of golf I've played since the Sunday at the BMW. Practiced a lot but haven't played a lot. We're going into a really long stretch, so I intended not to play too much golf in that two-week gap and it has been nice. I'm really looking forward to playing golf.

Q. Are you playing the US Open?

PAUL CASEY: I would like to be. Top 50 cut-off is coming up, it's important and I'm just outside.

Q. Is it important because of what happened last year?

PAUL CASEY: No, it's just important to be in there, having not played The Masters and watched it on TV and really wanted to being there, I don't want to be sitting at home watching another major.

Q. When you did fall out of the top-50 was there a moment when you looked in the mirror and said it's time to turn it around?

PAUL CASEY: I couldn't nail it down to a date but there's certainly a time when yeah, I'm always trying to turn it around.

Q. Was it more of a blow to your pride more than anything?

PAUL CASEY: Yeah, you could say that, definitely, it's tough being outside the Top 50. Nice being in it. But that's the beauty of dropping out of it, you realize what you're missing out on.

Q What's better about your game now?

PAUL CASEY: I think it's just confidence. The game is very strong. I still need to work very hard on the putting and make more putts. Yeah, I've got some confidence back and it feels great.

Q. Where did your confidence go and why?

PAUL CASEY: If I knew, I could tell you. I don't know, got no idea. I would write a book about it if I knew. I don't know why and I don't know why sort of why it went but that's just the way it is.

I don't know if there's any one thing it could be, a few pieces of advice, I got lots of it from lots of people which was very supportive.

Q. What was the best advice you got in that time?

PAUL CASEY: You know, talking to guys like Michael Campbell and stuff, he said a lot of nice things, he and Thomas Björn, guys who had experienced a loss in confidence, let's just say, all said very encouraging things. So I listened to their advice and kept working hard.

Q. Confidence is something we have always associated with you since you joined the tour?

PAUL CASEY: That's why if I knew, I'd go find it.

STEVEN FRANKLIN: Thanks very much, Paul. Well done today.

End of FastScripts.

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