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February 3, 2006

Paul Casey


PAUL CASEY: The front nine is a lot tougher than the back nine. I played the front nine in even par for the week. So, yeah, I like the back nine. If I can figure out the front nine on the weekend I think I have to if I want to win.

Q. Was it the fact that there's three par 5s on the back nine?

PAUL CASEY: It's tricky on the front nine. I don't know, maybe it just the way it's set up for my eye or something like that. It's good out there, its nice. The greens are firming up nicely.

Q. Pleased with your game?

PAUL CASEY: I don't think I've done anything extra special. I've just been solid all the way through. I haven't made very many mistakes.

I've only dropped one shot in two days, and that was at the sixth today. I think that's the key. I've always kept the ball in play and gave myself lots of birdie chances. I never put myself under too much pressure. That's probably been the key over the last few days. It's just a case of wait for the birdies, simple as that. It's just been nice.

Plus, Mr. Woods sort of gets off to the fastest starts I have ever seen in my life. The front nine yesterday he was 4 under through four. So if he could put that together, then I wonder what the eclectic score would be for the week so far. Could be interesting.

Q. Were you conscious of him?

PAUL CASEY: Yeah, I mean, we heard a lot of roars. I didn't know he bogeyed 18 today and stuff like that. I heard that from other people. But just to look up on that score board after four or five holes and to see that he's 11 under for the tournament is just ridiculous.

Q. So how do you approach your own game?

PAUL CASEY: I actually quite like it. I like being able to chase, I must admit. It just means somebody has got to 11 under, so lots of birdies are available. It's just figuring out how to do that. It sets the mark and it let's you chase.

Q. You enjoyed playing with him at the Ryder Cup, is that something you would relish here, to be in that position tomorrow and play in the last group with him?

PAUL CASEY: I'd love to play in the last group with him. The first time I ever played with Tiger in competition was around here two years ago.

I think I beat him for the first two days and that was it. H beat me overall It's always fun playing with him. He's a gentleman to play with. But I always walk off the golf course having learned something. It's always a treat. I relish any opportunity to play with Tiger.

Q. The next goal?

PAUL CASEY: The next goal, I want to be back at THE PLAYERS Championship and the Masters. I have to be top 50 a couple of weeks before each event. That's the big goal right now, so this is obviously quite an important week. Playing next week, as well. Adam Scott is there is Ernie turning up there next week?

Q. Retief.

PAUL CASEY: Retief, that's good.

Q. And Freddie Couples?

And Freddie. A friend of mine at my club in the States is caddieing for him.

Q. Where do you go from here?

PAUL CASEY: Week off and Match Play, and we'll see where I am in the World Rankings and what I can do. After that, we'll see whether I stay in Florida and play some more or go to China, TCL, I'll have to see.

Q. How many events do you think you'll play this year?

PAUL CASEY: Hopefully as many as possible. In the States, I don't know.

Q. Just generally, obviously Tiger keeps his number down?

PAUL CASEY: You know, the only time I think about maybe not playing is when it's thinking about World Rankings, as if you play too many it can dilute the weight of your points. But if I'm feeling fresh, I just try to keep playing.

Q. So even flying a long way to China

PAUL CASEY: Why not? If you're playing well like the guys on the England rugby team, if they played well, they kept training. And if they had a loss or a poor day, it was go out, have a day off and address it afterwards. It's not a bad theory, actually.

Q. Do you follow that?

PAUL CASEY: I haven't had the opportunity really. I haven't won that much. Like Stenson right now, he's on a roll, so just keep playing. There's no reason for him to stop.

Q. Is there a fear that if you don't keep playing, it goes away?

PAUL CASEY: It always goes away eventually. I don't know. Maybe.

Q. Are you pleased with the season so far. ?

PAUL CASEY: Abu Dhabi, didn't play very well there. I felt a little rusty, although I did some work over the winter. So it's nice to play some decent golf these first two days.

Q. Practice or playing?

Probably didn't do enough playing. I did play, but clearly, I'm still sort of swing thoughts, or whatever it is.

Q. Will you be defending at the TCL Classic?

PAUL CASEY: No, we still haven't decided yet. I'd like to, I mean, I should be there defending. Yeah, I don't know. I haven't made a decision yet. But I did play that was the week before PLAYERS last year, wasn't it, so I did make it back in time obviously. We will see.

End of FastScripts.

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