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August 27, 2006

Paul Casey


Q. You've got to be happy with the week overall, I would think?

PAUL CASEY: Very happy with that. I mean, I love playing here. My record here isn't too bad. First time ever playing in the final group on a Sunday, especially with Tiger, as well, so that was an experience. I thought I played okay. I made a couple of putts at the beginning and just didn't make anything on the back nine. A little bit unlucky on 16, it's the softest I've ever seen this green in four or five years of being here. That's the way it goes.

It was entertaining to watch. The crowds, once again, were just fantastic. Akron always has wonderful crowds, and today was no exception.

Q. What does the next few weeks have in store for you?

PAUL CASEY: Straight away back to Germany for the BMW, and then I think today gets me into the HSBC Match Play, and if I'm in the Match Play, I'll play that, and then the Ryder Cup.

Q. So just a couple normal weeks then?

PAUL CASEY: Yeah, Amex, Volvo. Do you want me to go through it?

Q. Anything else about the week, something that you're looking forward to?

PAUL CASEY: No, just happy with the game in general. I think when I do make putts, I'm hitting the ball well enough from tee to green to score, and that was evident from 64 yesterday. I mean, that's by far my best round around here on a tough golf course.

So I'm just happy. I think the main goal for me this year is an Order of Merit. I'd love to win an Order of Merit. I'm a long way behind David Howell. Today has obviously helped, but that's the goal, I'm going to have to continue to play this sort of golf if I'm going to have a sniff of it.

End of FastScripts.

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