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August 28, 2006

Ana Ivanovic

Andy Roddick

ARLEN KANTARIAN: As everybody here knows, we're in our third year of the US Open Series. This is a concept, an initiative by the USTA to try to build a big league regular season leading up to the US Open. It's ten tournaments played over the course of five or six weeks.

We think we've got a concept now that's beginning to catch on with sports fans, with TV viewers, with our television partners, certainly our sponsors. We've got twice the number of people now watching tennis in the summer leading up to the Open than ever before, attendance has been up, and we think it's also caught on in the locker room with the players.

So today we're just here to congratulate our two winners of this summer's US Open Series. Winners of the US Open Lever 2000 Challenge, that is a challenge that brings another million dollars bonus possibility to the winners depending how far they go at this year's US Open.
Before introducing our winners, I just want to acknowledge and thank our new presenting sponsor, Lever 2000. Here representing them today is Nick Soukas. Would you like to say a couple words.

NICK SOUKAS: Thank you, Arlen.
All of us at Lever 2000 are thrilled to be a part of the US Open Series this year and particularly proud to be the sponsor of this US Open Series Lever 2000 Challenge. We want to congratulate the winners on a fantastic summer of play and wish them the best of luck in the US Open right now.

ARLEN KANTARIAN: Here to announce the winners, Franklin Johnson.

FRANKLIN JOHNSON: I'm very pleased to congratulate first Ana Ivanovic for her outstanding play this summer, winning the Montreal Rogers Cup championships, which kicked it all off. Congratulations. Good luck on winning the $1 million bonus.

ANA IVANOVIC: Thank you.

FRANKLIN JOHNSON: The men's winner is Andy Roddick. These trophies were done by Tiffany's. Congratulations, Andy. Capped off by winning the Cincinnati Masters, put you into first place. Nice going.

ANDY RODDICK: Thank you.

ARLEN KANTARIAN: Thank you, everybody.

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