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July 27, 2005

Paula Creamer


PAUL ROVNAK: Paula, thanks for coming and speaking with us. You're coming fresh off a win, two wins in 15 events, it's been a fabulous year for you. You said you wanted to win a major and this is the last one of the year. Talk about what you think your chances are.

PAULA CREAMER: I love this golf course. It's beautiful, it's tough, the fairways are firm. Right now obviously with the rain coming it's going to get soft, but it's a beautiful venue out here.

Q. What are your aspirations?

PAULA CREAMER: To be on the Solheim Cup team. That was my main goal before I hit a ball. That was to be planned if I achieved that goal, I knew that I would have had to have won to get on that team. You know, Rookie of the Year would have to come pretty close to securing that. But that's the one thing I've been focusing on this whole year.

Q. Have you splurged on anything with your winnings?

PAULA CREAMER: No, not really. I really haven't come to think of it. When I go home, I will. I travel with two suitcases of my own and my golf clubs and I have no room for anything. So I try to I went shopping one day in France and I bought a belt. So that's really it. When I go home, I'll go splurge on something I don't need.

Q. Inaudible?

PAULA CREAMER: Oh, I think it's a new type of you see pretty much the same golf courses all the time. When you go play on a links golf course like this, it's a new thing. It's kind of like reviving yourself, you get excited to play something different. I really enjoy it. I think it's fun. You have to you can hit great shots and get the worst bounces ever and you have to accept that.

I like it. It's different. It's like when you play match play, just something new.

Q. What score would you have shot today?

PAULA CREAMER: Today? You could have gone low today. This is a day you probably could have gone low on. Several, a couple under par, 4 under par.

I think this is one of the greatest finishes you have on a golf course, you have two par 5s back to back and then a little short par 4, oh, and then another par 5 before that. It could be really exciting coming down the stretch and I like that. It's going to be a great finish. I think even if you're five back, anything can happen with a par 5 finish.

Q. Did you make any changes to your clubs this week?

PAULA CREAMER: I did. I took out my R7 3 wood and put in a Sonartec 3 wood; it's a 13 degree. It goes a lot lower, so I could drive it. It's a driving 3 wood. I hit it good off the fairway as well, but it goes much lower for the wind and things like that. So I took the other one out. And I only have three wedges this week; normally I have four.

Q. Who are your main rivals this week?

PAULA CREAMER: Annika. I think that links golf course and the field, there's so many great players this week that I think it's going to be a really good leaderboard. I think they are international and that's good. There's going to be some scores out there that are going to be really low and some that are going to be not so good. It all depends on the weather.

Q. Inaudible?

PAULA CREAMER: No, I pretty much try to go out and play within myself and play the golf course really. I don't really think much of other people when I'm out there the first couple of days obviously on the weekends, I know where I'm at, but Thursday, Friday, I don't really look at leaderboards as much now as I used to until Saturday or Sunday.

Q. How do you think playing at the junior level has helped you?

PAULA CREAMER: Playing junior and amateur tournaments has helped me so much, just experiencing things. There's nothing like, obviously you can't prepare yourself to play professional golf, this is a whole new level, but that has taught me how to win under every circumstance. Just exposure to experiencing things on golf courses, playing different places with that, and the Curtis Cup, that's I came over here and that's helped me to play this golf course. Things like that I've taken consideration, everything I've done in junior golf.

Q. Like playing with a five shot lead?

PAULA CREAMER: I think it's one of the hardest times playing is when you have a big lead going into Sunday because you almost it's tough because you want to be aggressive, but you don't want to lose with a seven shot lead, as well.

So I think that everything that I've learned in junior, I take it into professionals, my professional career.

Q. A lot of people when they turn pro, the first year, they find things in their game that are not comparable to being pro, have you identified the areas of your game that you need to work out now that you're a pro?

PAULA CREAMER: I will get longer in the fall; I think that definitely needs to happen. Just creativity. My putting has gotten better because I've been able to putt on similar greens week in and week out, which is a huge thing for myself because I don't come from very good greens. Now I have great greens to practice on. I think just being able to work the ball left and right. I pretty much only hit one shot, which is straight or draw. I don't fade the ball. So things like that would probably be most important.

Q. Will that be a factor this week?

PAULA CREAMER: I don't think it is very important on this golf course. There's just so many bunkers out there, you have to play pretty much around the bunkers and I don't use my driver hardly any out here, only really on the par 5s and a couple par 4s. But I hit a lot of 3 woods, a lot of three, four rescues off tees. So length really isn't that great. You have to keep the ball low, that's the most important part with the wind.

Q. Have you taken things from players out here?

PAULA CREAMER: In my professional, when I turned pro or before that?

Q. Before.

PAULA CREAMER: I took a lot of things from certain players. I mean, Juli Inkster, I've been a huge fan of Juli Inkster. I really like Dottie Pepper. I like her character out on the golf course, very feisty. I think that you enjoy watching that, showing emotions out there. I like that and I think that's nice. There's just several players I've taken things from. Obviously watching Annika, No. 1 player, I think that's a huge person that I've taken things from. But I would say emotionally out on the golf course it's Juli and Dottie.

Q. Inaudible?

PAULA CREAMER: I played in the Junior Solheim Cup the last two years. I think that I have a little advantage from that, just knowing myself and I've been there, and you know, I've seen what it is and on that first tee, I was nervous and I wasn't even playing. I have somewhat of a feeling for it.

Q. Inaudible?

PAULA CREAMER: Yes, very much.

Q. Dottie Pepper has come under criticism various times in the Solheim Cup, will you take that approach to the competition?

PAULA CREAMER: I think the Solheim Cup is all about rooting for your country. There's no need for problems. I mean, I'm going to feel great if I make that team and wear red, white and blue. That's a huge goal of mine is to do that. I'm not going to flaunt anything, I'm not going to run around saying, woo hoo. I mean, I'll definitely be excited.

Q. Inaudible?

PAULA CREAMER: I think the last month I've been very happy, I've been in contention a lot. That's what I want. Last year I think was huge because every player was there. There wasn't one player that was not there, and I think that winning that and that margin of that win has just totally boosted my confidence going into a major, especially especially that. It's hard because it's not over until I think that Solheim Cup is no, I believe there's always more I could have done out there. I'm never content.

Q. Do you have any interest in competing against the men?

PAULA CREAMER: I have no desire right now. Maybe later on in my career, but there's so many things that I want to achieve with the LPGA, I really have no desire.

End of FastScripts.

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