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November 17, 2002

Ian Woosnam


GORDON SIMPSON: Ian, an excellent win today. Maybe too little too late, looking at the leaderboard for the moment.

IAN WOOSNAM: We just haven't performed very well today.

GORDON SIMPSON: When you saw the conditions this morning, did you suspect that would be the case, in fact, the weather.

IAN WOOSNAM: Yes, I did. But the greens are very, very tricky. I think you need to know these sort of nappy greens a little bit. And I think it was very very difficult putting out there today.

Q. Ian, obviously, I know you're disappointed a little bit with the way the week turned out for your side. But overall, what were your thoughts about the tournament and about the venue here at Sea Island?

IAN WOOSNAM: I think this is a great venue. It's just unfortunate the weather has been a bit dodgy, really. It's a beautiful place, a beautiful golf course, and it's just a shame the weather was so cold and windy today.

Q. This is supposed to be your kind of weather.

IAN WOOSNAM: It rains like this and blows like this every since single day in Wales, so I'm used to it. It's fantastic.

Q. Does the wind --

IAN WOOSNAM: No, we do have some days in Wales now and again. But I don't mind playing in the wind. I like to keep my ball nice and low and keep it under control, and that's what I did most of the round today. The putting was very difficult.

Q. Have you had many rounds under more severe circumstances than this?

IAN WOOSNAM: Not really, no, because I think this golf course is built for good conditions and the way the greens are setup. We do get weather like this -- you do get bad weather over here as well, now and again.

Q. Tom Lehman was just saying that his heavy putter, the long one, that it's very good to have it as heavy as this in the wind. Is that why you went back to your heavy putter or what?

IAN WOOSNAM: Not really, I found it difficult on the greens today with a long putter. I think more than anything, I just couldn't get the grain right. If you're into the grain, then you're down the grain sideways. A lot of times today, you were just trying to get the ball close. With your first putt from 30 feet, it was difficult to get it close, so you try to lag your putt up from 30 feet, and it was difficult.


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