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December 9, 2005

Tiger Woods


Q. Are you feeling good over the putts or are you struggling at times?

TIGER WOODS: I just had a hard time finding my lines, a hard time seeing the putts, seeing the lines, feeling the breaks. I'm having a hard time feeling the slopes in my feet, in my hands, my body. I'm just having a hard time with it.

Q. Is Michael Campbell playing the same golf course as all of you guys?

TIGER WOODS: He's playing beautifully. Obviously this is what he's been doing most of the year. This golf course can be had. Davis today got on a quick run there. If you play well on this golf course, you can take it pretty deep here, and Michael is doing that.

Q. What did you do on the double? I saw your tee shot.

TIGER WOODS: I had an awkward shot and I hit it over the green, tried to flop it, nuked it over the green. Then I had no shot, whiffed it almost. Technically I had a net negative (laughing), down the slope. Then from there I went and three putted.

Q. When was the last time you did that?

TIGER WOODS: Skins Game, a week ago (laughing). I mean, I've played great and I've played in China and Japan and obviously the Grand Slam, those three weeks, the TOUR Championship, those tournaments.

Q. This is obviously a very difficult week for you because besides playing golf you have to help run the tournament. Does that get you a little bit? Does that get you a little weary?

TIGER WOODS: It has been a long week. I've got a great staff. The staff is obviously loaded to the max.

Obviously I've got a few responsibilities this week, so it's just part of the deal, if you can understand that. Anyone who hosts a tournament, whether it's Byron or Jack or Greg or anyone on Tour, they all understand that you're going to have more responsibilities than you normally do.

Q. Did you enjoy that concert last night, Hootie and the Blowfish?

TIGER WOODS: Always. Darius is one of my best friends, so any time we're in the same city we're always going to hang out, and if he's playing I'm definitely going to see him.

Q. And if you're playing he's going to see you.

TIGER WOODS: That's how it works.

End of FastScripts.

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