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July 12, 2005

Tony La Russa


Q. What do you think of your vantage point so far tonight?

TONY LARUSSA: Looks like we have to score some runs to get into the game.

Q. We talked about the matchup of these two sides, trying to compare the two lineups and it looked like the AL had the advantage with a little more thunder in their lineup, I thought the pitching was about even, maybe tilted toward your side, as you look ahead in this game, you have Clemens now, with Willis, and Tony, I guess that caught your attention?

TONY LARUSSA: It did. Sometimes.

Q. I joked earlier saying that you were probably thinking about this All-Star Game and all of "this time it counts" for trying to get home-field advantage, after Game 4, it was over during last year's World Series. But it certainly is an advantage and something that definitely worked in the Red Sox favor last October, but I liked your line about if the Cardinals had had home-field advantage, it probably would have been over in five instead of four the way the Red Sox played?

TONY LARUSSA: Yeah, not to take credit away from the Boston Red Sox, they played great. It's an advantage, whoever gets it has an edge.

Q. So handicap the rest of this game. You've got Willis, then you've got some guys coming off your bench, what are we going to see?

TONY LARUSSA: Well, I think if we can get this last out here, I think you'll see some -- I'll make a bet that we score in the top of the sixth.

Q. Good luck.

TONY LARUSSA: Thank you.

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