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March 9, 2002

Paul Casey


Q. Your career low on the PGA TOUR, a 66. But what were the keys?

PAUL CASEY: I think I just kind of got into playing mode. It's taken me half a dozen events so far this year to sort of get everything clicking, but, you know, did everything -- probably weren't any real weaknesses today. Drove the ball pretty good and hit some good iron shots and made a couple of putts and scrambled when I had to.

So all around, just sort of good play. Nothing really spectacular. In fact, it could have been a lot lower out there.

Q. I saw the one on 9 lip out. Looked like it bounced a little bit, but you made a good putt.

PAUL CASEY: Yeah, I actually had chances on 6 and 8, as well, both from about eight feet. I missed those two, as well.

Q. You've excelled, obviously, at Arizona State, on the European Tour, and are kind of looking for your big breakthrough. Do you think you can do that this week?

PAUL CASEY: Yeah, why not? I feel like it's just a matter of time. I have not yet sort of found a comfort level. This is only my sixth event this year out here, and before that I had only played three other events on the PGA TOUR. So still not even double digits yet out here.

I think I just found my footing a little bit quicker in Europe. Played a couple of good rounds early on and felt comfortable fairly quickly and it's just taking a little bit longer out here. But, you know I really want to play a lot of golf in the U.S., probably a combination of both tours, eventually.

Q. Playing as a sponsor's exemption, does that put any, not pressure on you, but do you feel like you want to play well because they helped you out in that?

PAUL CASEY: Yeah, you want to play well, but --

Q. But once you tee it up?

PAUL CASEY: Yeah, you're playing for yourself. It's nice to get a spot, and every spot is great and you've got to thank the sponsors for that. But once you go out there, you know, they have put their trust in you, but there's very little you can actually try to do for them. You've got to look after yourself. Sure, you hope to play well and make them look like they made a good decision.

Q. For those people that are not really familiar with your game, what would you say your strengths are?

PAUL CASEY: Probably length, especially this week. Reaching the par 5's comfortably, very comfortably. Probably good at scrambling, as well. Good at hanging in and grinding it out on days like yesterday, playing 33 holes, you know, I feel like I'm fit enough to play 36 every day if I have to.

Q. Like in college golf?

PAUL CASEY: Exactly.

Q. How does this course set up for your game?

PAUL CASEY: It's pretty wide out there. You can give it a launch and there's not too many scary holes. 18 is about at tough as it gets. I don't feel like guys who are really accurate have an advantage out here or anything; so that's probably good for me. I'm not known to be one of the most accurate guys out there; so it plays into my hands a bit. Hopefully, if the days keep being long like they were yesterday, hopefully everybody else will get tired and I'll keep going.

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