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August 22, 2003

Paul Casey


Q. You must be pleased with that?

PAUL CASEY: Yes, I started off well and it was pretty solid apart from that. I did some work on the putting green on Tuesday with Michael Campbell and it has paid off so Cambo is the new putting guru! He pointed out some things which looked wrong and it seems to have helped because I didn't hit it that great today.

Q. What did he point out?

PAUL CASEY: Mainly set-up really. I was square with most stuff but open with my arms, if that makes any sense. I was sort of hunched and the right arm was out a bit which made it difficult to square me up. That is all it was, nothing to do with the stroke.

Q. How did the exchange come about?

PAUL CASEY: I think the conversation went along the lines of, 'How are you putting?' and I said 'Crap' and he said, 'Well I can see why.' I said 'Well if you are going to take the piss then go away, but if you have something valuable to say then what is it?' and he had something valuable to say. I don't look at guys swings or putting strokes but obviously Michael does. Most guys wouldn't say anything either so that is a credit to him, we get along very well as well, so I was lucky he said something, I owe him a lager!

Q. How was the day playing with Fred Funk?

PAUL CASEY: It was great fun, he's a really nice guy and he played great. It showed how, not easy this course is, but it showed how in theory it is easy to get round. He just knocks it down the middle of the fairway and onto the green. I have created most of my troubles this week, it hasn't really been the course, it has been fine. Last week you can get frustrated really early when you miss a couple of fairways early on but out here that is not going to hurt you. It is a fair golf course and this is good fun.

Q. Are you having fun again then?

PAUL CASEY: I was today, yesterday I didn't but I think I was still in Major mode then and a little grumpy. But I am looking forward to getting back to Europe and having par fives I can reach.

Q. But it is not written anywhere that you should reach par fives in two?

PAUL CASEY: I know, but I feel like I should!

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