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November 18, 2004

Paul Casey

Luke Donald


GORDON SIMPSON: We have the England team here, Paul and Luke, and you put yourself in a very nice position, just one off the pace after the first round. Paul, would you like to lead off?

PAUL CASEY: Yeah, we were looking forward to today. We thought eight or nine (-under) would be a good score today, but it was fairly benign out there. We chased Austria all day. Austria I thought played very, very well. We chased them and ended up with a nice little 61.

GORDON SIMPSON: Luke, did you enjoy that experience?

LUKE DONALD: Yeah, it's obviously a lot of fun when you are playing well and both of us were giving ourselves a lot of birdie chances out there. As they say, we say ham-and-egged it pretty well.

We had only one really small scare on 15. I was just able to get out of the bunker to save par. But other than that, we had good birdie chances on most of the holes and it was fun out there.

GORDON SIMPSON: You seemed to complement each other. You had the fast start, and Paul came in with some birdies after that.

LUKE DONALD: Yeah, I think Paul had six birdies and five counting birdies, so it's a very good team effort.

GORDON SIMPSON: We'll take some questions now.

Q. It looked as though you did not hole all that many putts. The first nine, the ones you hold for birdies were not that long, you had a lot of greens where you had double chances.

PAUL CASEY: Yeah, I don't think we made anything long did we?

LUKE DONALD: We didn't really make anything outside of 15 feet. 4, we both had chances within 15 feet inside and both missed.

6, Paul had a chance from 20, 25 feet. That wasn't very easy.

And 7, none of us were within 20 feet. But the other holes were usually pretty short birdie putts no longer than ten feet. So it was -- you, know we still had to hole our putts, but it wasn't like we were holing long putts.

Q. Does it feel like a big event? Do you wake up thinking, "Oh, blimey, it's the first round of the World Cup"?

PAUL CASEY: It does, but then again, there are obviously not big crowds. But I think the format, I wake up excited to play this event. Maybe because it's the format and maybe it's the end of the year and a last chance to get a win, I'm not sure.

It does when you look at the list of players and there are some very, very good players here. But it just has a different feeling. I don't know whether it's -- I wouldn't say it doesn't feel like a big event. It is a big event. It just has a different feeling to it I think.

LUKE DONALD: It doesn't quite have the atmosphere with the huge crowds, and that kind of aura about it. I mean, obviously most of the crowds are following Spain, and I'm sure if you played with them, it would feel a little bit bigger of an event.

And any time you play in a tournament even with as good of a field as it has, with as few of crowds as watched us today, it just takes away from the event a little bit and makes you feel a little bit, you know, less pressure, less atmosphere.

Q. The foursomes being much harder tomorrow, do you draw on your Walker Cup experience together for tomorrow?

LUKE DONALD: I think we'll draw on good play from each other. In Walker Cup, we played great then, five years ago, and I'm sure if we play like that, we'll do just fine.

I think foursomes is obviously the key this week. It's a lot easier to play four-ball out there. You just, your mindset is very different, but foursomes, you can get a little bit defensive, and hopefully we'll keep it pretty straight and keep it on the greens and make some good birdies and we'll be fine.

PAUL CASEY: What was the question? What did you say?

GORDON SIMPSON: It's a long time ago.

LUKE DONALD: Just say ditto.

PAUL CASEY: Ditto. (Laughter.)

Q. Paul, do you find it very much easier to play four-ball? Is there a liberating effect?

PAUL CASEY: Definitely. Without a doubt. The problem with foursomes, I find, is that I feel bad putting some of the guys in the position that I would put myself in. You know, once or twice a round, I stick myself in a position that I'm just I'm used to it behind a tree or in the face of a bunker or something like that, and that doesn't go down too well with a partner in foursomes, I'm not sure why not.

I find you do find a little restricted in foursomes. The key to it is just keeping it in play. I can do that on occasions. I hope I do it tomorrow, and I apologize now if I stick Luke in any positions that he doesn't feel are very, very savory. I think we are a good foursomes partnership. We trust each other's game. That's all that matters, and this tournament will be won during the foursomes.

Q. Have you, for instance, in foursomes in the past taken 3-wood or 2-iron off a tee where you would probably take driver?

PAUL CASEY: Without a doubt, and I will do it again if I have to. I hit the driver very nicely today, so I'm not too worried about it tomorrow.

Luke's got the -- Luke will play the odds tomorrow. His iron game is better than mine. I think it is. You know, we're very comfortable. We played -- we actually practiced foursomes yesterday. We actually played nine holes of foursomes and kept a score. So we've done our preparation -- okay, not much, but we know what we're doing and we're looking forward to it.

Q. Any interesting comments directly to you about your comment?

PAUL CASEY: I've had lots of interesting comments, yeah. None I will repeat.

Q. But some that make you regret saying what you did?

PAUL CASEY: Probably 99 percent of them. 99.9 percent of them make me regret what I said.

No, I have, unfortunately, a message, the story has been run with and there's nothing I can do about that. I can't do anything to correct it now. I wish I could. You know, I have nothing against the States whatsoever. I wouldn't live there if I did. I pay my taxes there; as I said yesterday, coach, girlfriend, friends, all the rest of it.

You know, I wish I could take it back. There you go. You know, unfortunately, it weighed on my mind today. I was quiet this morning. I struggled to get to sleep last night, and you know, makes me -- it's obviously made some other people very, very angry, which I fully understand. It's made me angry. You know, it's made me upset, as well.

Q. Upset at yourself or the way the story's been?

PAUL CASEY: It's upset me. It's upset me obviously the way the story has gone. There's obviously nothing I can do about that. There was a line which was taken, maybe it was off the cuff, it was taken and it was run with. But it has upset me the way things have sort of the way the story has been run with, simple as that.

I've had a lot of negative, huge negative feedback, as simple as that. A lot of nasty stuff that I've had piling through e-mail boxes and all the rest of it some pretty nasty stuff, which, there you go.

Q. Sometimes people say something and then say afterwards, I was misquoted when they weren't and there's been some positive feedback around here certainly that you didn't take that easy route out.

PAUL CASEY: Unfortunately there was a line which I said, which I said I can't deny that. It was said off the cuff. It was maybe taken out of context, but nonetheless, it was said. I would like to -- I'm very tempted to not say anything to the press after that. It's a horrible experience. I've not enjoyed the last two days one bit. There�s a temptation not to talk to the press, I don't think you want me to take that route.

Q. The headline, is that the line?

PAUL CASEY: Yeah, which I shouldn't have used the words, as simple as that. That was my error.

GORDON SIMPSON: Thank you, Paul, Luke.

End of FastScripts.

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