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November 20, 2004

Paul Casey

Luke Donald


GORDON SIMPSON: We have Paul and Luke with us here, Team England, one off the pace going into the last round.

You may have relinquished the lead this time, but all to play for tomorrow.

LUKE DONALD: Absolutely. Yeah, today was obviously very frustrating for us. But as you said, fortunately we did have a lead to work with today. We lost that lead but we're still very much in the hunt. If we can play like we did yesterday in foursomes, I believe we had the low round of the day; if we can do that again, we'll be in with a very good chance of winning and beating Spain.

GORDON SIMPSON: Paul, I'm sure a 64 tomorrow wouldn't go amiss.

PAUL CASEY: I've love 64 tomorrow. I think we're just looking forward to tomorrow now. It will be a lot of fun playing with Spain. Obviously they are the home team. The crowds have been fantastic today, a lot of people out there. We got a lot of support today. You know, if I had to choose a team to play with in the final group, it would be obviously Spain. So I'm looking forward to playing with Sergio and Miguel.

GORDON SIMPSON: That was a pretty impressive round today by the Spanish, wasn't it?

PAUL CASEY: I didn't see any of it, but I saw Sergio, I presume it was his second shot into 16, which was a fantastic shot, only shot of the day I saw.

GORDON SIMPSON: He made eagle.

PAUL CASEY: It was fantastic. Hopefully we got rid of all of our bad stuff today and we can go out and challenge them tomorrow.

Q. What wasn't quite working?

LUKE DONALD: Personally I didn't hit the ball as well as I did the last two days. I didn't give myself as many opportunities. It was tough. I think there were a few opportunities that just lipped out, a couple of chips I hit, lipped out, a couple of putts that could have gone in. If those had gone in for either of us, it could have been a very satisfactory round. I think it was more of a frustrating round because it was tough out there. The pins were a lot more tucked today. It seemed like most of the pins out there were quite tough to get to. You know, it's all credit to Spain for shooting such a good round because it was hard to shoot at the pins.

Q. How are you hitting? Obviously didn't hit as well as you'd like.

PAUL CASEY: Same as Luke today. I didn't hit it very well. I had a couple of moments, but as Luke said, with the pins being tucked away today, if I did miss the fairways, which I did on more occasions than not, you couldn't get away with it. Unlike Thursday, you could get away with knocking it in the middle of the green and having a good birdie opportunity. Today, you were struggling. And combined with the wind, the wind was swirling, it was just a tougher golf course today.

But, you know, I don't think we are going to worry about it too much. I think we are going to go to the range in a minute, hit some golf balls. And with the format tomorrow, if I get the putter working and Luke starts hitting the ball a little bit better -- maybe I should go to the putting green and you should go to the driving range. We'll see what happens.

LUKE DONALD: We made solid pars today. Two birdies each, really doesn't cut it in four-ball. There was a lot of good, solid pars. (Laughter.)

Q. There was a story today circulating about Titleist terminating your contract. Are you in a position to shed any light on that?

PAUL CASEY: No comment on Titleist. (Smiling).

Q. But it's true?

PAUL CASEY: No comment.

GORDON SIMPSON: All right, the putting green it is. Paul, thank you very much.

End of FastScripts.

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