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November 21, 2004

Paul Casey

Luke Donald


PAUL CASEY: I don't mind what length the putt is, obviously the shorter the better. But a putt to win the World Cup is a fantastic thing.

Q. An extraordinary day to watch.

LUKE DONALD: It was fun. Obviously huge crowds, a lot of support for the Spanish, but the whole four-ball, we're great friends and it was relaxed almost in an eerie way because we are good friends and congratulating each other for holing putts. All I had to do was get it on the green and Paul would hole it. I had a very good partner and we teamed very well today.

Q. You said foursomes would be the key at the start of the week, and you're 16-under par in that format.

PAUL CASEY: Because we're such good friends and we trust each other's game, we played as good of golf as this when we played in the Walker Cup. You know, it's one of those partnerships that I think we'll always play good golf together. I can't explain it. It's just one of those things that clicks.

Obviously Sergio and Miguel played fantastic golf today and pushed us all the way to the end. I think theirs is an equal partnership. They are the sort of guys that sometimes it happens and you gel and it all works.

Q. Spain it started the day -- inaudible -- played magnificent.

LUKE DONALD: Unbelievable. They both played very well today. Obviously, 16, Sergio was unlucky to put it in the water and that was two shots there and that gave us the cushion we needed on 18, but all hats off to the Spanish team.

Q. You were standing around with your putter today, but you didn't get to use it.

LUKE DONALD: Yeah, I had fun with the head cover quite often, which is fine. I was kind of standing there with my mouth open, every time I looked at him, Paul holed it, and that was obviously a big difference.

Q. Proud of you way you did not let the distractions affect your game this week?

PAUL CASEY: Yeah, I am proud of that. It's definitely affected me. I'm still upset with what's happened. I feel it's been unfair and I feel like I handed myself professionally which I always will do. You know, if this helps in any way to correct what has happened, then that's great. I'm still look forward to going back to the States, I'll be there next week, Thanksgiving and looking forward to teeing it up in Hawaii early next year.

Q. Where does this one rank?

LUKE DONALD: Oh, this is right up there. This is a World Golf Championships event, with a high-class field. To win this, it's a little different in a team event but it's great to win and will make my off-season that much more sweet.

End of FastScripts.

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