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November 21, 2004

Paul Casey

Luke Donald


GORDON SIMPSON: Well, we have the winning team, England, with us now, Paul Casey, Luke Donald, and a wonderful exhibition of foursomes golf today, guys.

And Paul, you were saying you received an e-mail, or was it Luke received an e-mail yesterday about another English win a year ago.

LUKE DONALD: Yeah, I got a text just the other day, just yesterday saying, "A year ago tomorrow, 15 men came back with the World Cup." A good friend of mine texted me that, and I think that was a little inspiration for both of us to go out today and start strong, which we did.

It was amazing to shoot 16-under in foursomes. We somehow gelled pretty well together in the foursomes. Paul obviously got very hot with the putter both times, and that was the difference.

GORDON SIMPSON: Paul, in your case, it's five, three, two, one; just a progression we talked about way back on Wednesday.

PAUL CASEY: That's right, my fourth World Cup, fifth, second and a win, ecstatic.

GORDON SIMPSON: And a third.

PAUL CASEY: Very, very happy with that week. Luke is a fantastic partner, he's a fantastic friend. You know, I can't believe we actually shot a better score in foursomes than we did in four-ball.

GORDON SIMPSON: That's never happened before.

PAUL CASEY: Just goes to show, we knew we were a good pair. I think we just showed that this week ask proved it.

GORDON SIMPSON: You seemed to hole everything you looked at roundabout the tournament.

PAUL CASEY: It happens occasionally, but not during tournament play usually. Just the greens are perfect and you know, I can be a streaky putter, it was nice I got hot today.

GORDON SIMPSON: Okay. We'll take questions, please.

Q. What makes you such a good pairing in foursomes.

PAUL CASEY: I think we are such a good pair because we trust each other's game. We don't apologize for any bad shots. We know that we're both giving 110%. We also know sort of what type of shots each of us would prefer. I know if I'm going to lay-up, I know what yardage Luke would like, and we know each other's games well enough that things become very, very easy. We know what each other are thinking; I think that's probably part of it.

LUKE DONALD: Our games are very different, but that sometimes has its benefits in foursomes and four-ball. You know, I think we mix our strengths in our golf pretty well. I'm a pretty straight hitter, hit a lot of greens. Paul is a powerful hitter, and he has length and he's very good on the greens.

I think this course set up well, where I was able to hit a lot of the irons and I was able to play to my strengths, and Paul was able to play to his strengths, which is on the greens this week. So, you know it just seemed to work out very well.

Q. Were you both able to draw on your Ryder Cup experiences today playing in front of such a great crowd? And the two players were obviously playing very well, as well.

LUKE DONALD: I think that helped. We had been there before, and the Ryder Cup obviously is a huge scale. It's bigger than this event. The number of crowds and just the atmosphere and the pressure did seem huge at the Ryder Cup. It was still some pressure out there, but I think having gone through that experience at the Ryder Cup, it definitely gave us a good feeling to know what to expect and how to deal with it.

Q. And this was a very well-behaved Spanish crowd, was it?

LUKE DONALD: Very well behaved.

PAUL CASEY: Fantastic.

LUKE DONALD: Obviously cheering on the Spanish heavily, but they were very congratulatory to us and they were landing good shots.

PAUL CASEY: I got clapped for repairing one of their pitchmarks which I thought was nice. (Laughter.)

LUKE DONALD: Very good crowd. Good numbers today. If you told me there would be that many people during the practice rounds, I wouldn't have believed you because there's no one out there.

Q. 15,000.


Q. Do you remember which hole?

PAUL CASEY: The par 3, 11th. It was a good round of applause.


Q. You were the only one on the green at the time.


Q. What's next for both of you? Where do you play next?

LUKE DONALD: We both will be playing in the Sony Open, I think that's our next one. We'll have some well-deserved rest. I think it's always nice to finish on a high note, and it will make our small off-season that much more enjoyable. So party on. (Laughter.)

Q. Can you give us some of the distances for your birdie putts?

PAUL CASEY: 4, 30 feet.

No. 5, foot and a half.

No. 7, 20 feet.

No. 9, eight feet.

No. 10, oh ...


PAUL CASEY: Yeah, 45, 50.

No. 11, 16, 17 feet.

No. 12, 12-foot. Maybe a little bit more.

Oh, you made one on 16.

LUKE DONALD: I made one on 1, too. (Laughter.)

PAUL CASEY: And the last was probably three-foot, 3 1/2 feet, four feet.

LUKE DONALD: It's amazing how it works out, but apart from the first, my next birdie putt, unless -- well, the next birdie putt is really 15. You don't putt teeing off on the odds, unless you have an eagle on the par 5, but it's quite amazing how that works out.

Q. Any sort of general feelings on what's been the worst of the weeks but now the best of weeks?

PAUL CASEY: I'm very happy with the way I've handled myself this week. I've been very professional. I've not enjoyed what's happened early in the week, and this is a nice way to finish it. I've tried to put all of my focus on my golf as soon as I've arrived at the golf course and very proud that I've managed to do that, and it has been distracting.

Q. Are you a stronger player because of it?

PAUL CASEY: Possibly, yes. Thicker-skinned, as well.

Q. Sort of following, what do you expect in your first tournament in the States?

PAUL CASEY: I hope they will be very receptive. I don't know whether they will be. I don't know. I really don't know. I'm going to worry about working on the golf game during the off-season, and probably try and repair any damage I can. I still feel upset with various people for what's happened but we will move on.

Hopefully they will be receptive. I'm looking forward to it, but there's a little something in there, a little bit worried about it, as well. All I can do is try and play good golf and that's it.

Q. Is there any special reason for you wearing black today?

PAUL CASEY: No, it was the last thing left in the suitcase. (Laughter.) We didn't have very good team colors this week, did we?

LUKE DONALD: We were close today.

PAUL CASEY: And I thought it was going to be colder, as well, this week. Do we get to play next year as a team?

GORDON SIMPSON: I don't think so.

PAUL CASEY: Do we not?

Q. One of you has to be the top Englishman.

PAUL CASEY: They changed the rules.

GORDON SIMPSON: That was a couple years ago.

PAUL CASEY: Oh, damn.

GORDON SIMPSON: Can't have everything.

PAUL CASEY: Well, if we do get to play together again, we'll figure some team uniforms out.

Q. If one of you is the top Englishman, can you guarantee the other will be your partner?

PAUL CASEY: I don't think you can at this stage. You need to have as good of a team as possible. You've got to win it for your country. That's what comes first. There were guys coming into this, obviously Poulter was probably the man in form, I would say.

Q. And Lee is the top-ranked Englishman at the moment.

PAUL CASEY: There you go.

GORDON SIMPSON: So it will be Westwood and Poulter next year.

LUKE DONALD: Hopefully not.

Q. Is it possible to compare this victory, you've both had individual triumphs, how does it feel or is it possible to say, just different, I guess?

LUKE DONALD: Yeah, it's different, having a team event, as opposed to individual. I think it's obviously ranked well up there as a win for both of us, I believe. There's only four World Golf Championships events a year, and to win one of them is very special. It comes with a -- it's a very good event. It has some very good players. I think it was an exciting event to watch on TV, and it was one that I will remember for a long time.

As I said in my speech, I've always wanted to win in Spain, and I think that will make it that much more special for me. But it's a big event. It's hard to compare the two, though.

Q. The message you got from your friend, the rugby player, is he a well-known rugby player?

LUKE DONALD: He wasn't a rugby player. He's just a friend of mine, not a rugby player.

GORDON SIMPSON: Well, you've treated us to some exceptional golf this week. Paul, Luke, congratulations again and enjoy your winter break.

End of FastScripts.

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