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September 30, 2005

Paul Casey


SCOTT CROCKETT: Paul, thanks as always for coming in. A difficult day obviously with the conditions, but you coped very well, you must be quite pleased with your position in the tournament.

PAUL CASEY: Very, very happy. It was nice and, not calm, but it was good playing conditions I felt for the first few holes. Then when it turned, or when I turned, 11 and 12 were extremely tough. 11, green is very exposed. 12 is oscillating. Very, very tough down the turn. Very happy to pick up a couple of shots coming home.

SCOTT CROCKETT: Were those two pars on 11 and 12, the shots you dropped?

PAUL CASEY: I wouldn't say pars. Still very frustrating, two 3 putts. But it's just it was very, very difficult.

SCOTT CROCKETT: Give us the four birdies. You started with one at the first.

PAUL CASEY: 2 iron, 9 iron and holed it from about 30 feet.

Then 6 was driver and a lob wedge and about a 15 footer.

14, driver and pitch and holed a 15 footer there.

And 3 wood on the last to 15 feet.

Q. When the wind is up with like this, do you hit very many lob wedges?

PAUL CASEY: I usually keep four wedges, but I'm only carrying three this week. I put all of the long irons in, a 2 iron, all the way through, 3 iron, 4 iron.

No, try and keep it as low to the ground as I can. Plus, the rough is really tight. It's tighter than I remember. Difficult to get to the back of the ball, actually, with a lob wedge.

Q. Do you consider yourself a pretty decent links player?

PAUL CASEY: I think I was quite good when I was an amateur, but I haven't practiced. Or at least I don't play as much links golf as I used to.

I think I was all right at it at the time. All of our amateur events I played in, the Links Trophy, Walker Cup and things like that were all links golf courses. I think I'm okay, yeah. Not bad.

Q. Any balls moving on the greens?

PAUL CASEY: One moved on 10, and then 11.

Q. How far?

PAUL CASEY: About two inches. 11, I can't believe it didn't actually move. It was oscillating, on all three of my putts. (Laughter).

And I actually had a word with one of the referees after the 11th and I just said, you know, I had one move on 10 and it's borderline, do you think you'll let us, you know, keep playing. And he said, well, yep. (Laughing.)

Q. How did you do at the Open?

PAUL CASEY: Good question, I missed the cut, I don't remember by how many shots. I want to say with a couple of 73s or 74s, something like that, I'm not too sure. I've erased it from the memory. (Laughter).

I remember hitting the ball very well and putting I remember having about 33 putts one day.

Q. Doing anything different technically?

PAUL CASEY: Nothing, nothing. It's just a confidence thing, it's amazing. I had a lot of questions on it recently, but no, nothing technically different. It's just amazing what a bit of confidence and that's really all it is, confidence will do for you.

Q. Do you know when you lost your confidence?

PAUL CASEY: I don't know when I lost it, but the low point was the BMW Championship when I just had no idea where it was going and it was not enjoyable to be on the golf course

Q. Do you learn about the Old Course every time you play it?

PAUL CASEY: Yeah, I hit a couple of shocking shots today just through not knowing the course well enough. So I definitely learned something about this course every time I go out. The trouble is, it's never the same twice.

Q. Any errant shots?

PAUL CASEY: The biggest error I made was on 7 and tried to pitch the ball ten yards short of the flag and it was going straight down and took one hop over the back of the green. And my caddie, Craig, we just started laughing at each other at how stupid we can be. Should have taken it 30 yards at the flag and gently run it in.

Q. No lay-ups on par threes then?

PAUL CASEY: No, but my ball on 11 landed, I reckon about four feet from the flag and finished about 80 feet away just to the right, just the wind took it up to the right. But it was a putter in the hand.

SCOTT CROCKETT: Paul, thanks again.

End of FastScripts.

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