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April 14, 2024

Max Homa

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. I know it wasn't the result that you wanted, but how did it feel to be in the mix during the final round of a major championship?

MAX HOMA: Yeah, really good. I thought I handled myself great, didn't make any putts, really didn't feel like I blinked. Would have loved the ball on 12 not to go in the foot of ivy. But I hit a good shot, and I think I did that all weekend.

Scottie is an amazing golfer. It's really impressive. Obviously I was going to need to play some spectacular golf today, did not. But I thought I played some really good golf, so I'm proud of that, and it was a really fun weekend.

Q. As great as Scottie is playing right now, is it a case of maybe trying to be too perfect out there and then it sort of backfires?

MAX HOMA: No, no, I had nothing backfire really. 12 is just hard. The wind isn't where it feels, where it's supposed to be. I hit it a foot to three feet left of where I'm looking, not trying to be perfect, just trying to hit it to the left center of that green. I was very proud of that. I didn't veer off of my game plan.

But you just know that he's just going to play well, and he's going to be there, and you're going to have to do something special at some point, chip in, make a long putt, and I just didn't do that.

Q. Does it make it easier knowing that he played so well behind you? It almost looked like destiny --

MAX HOMA: Easier to swallow?

Q. Yeah.

MAX HOMA: I swallow just fine. I'll be all right.

Q. Some people say that Scottie's life will change after today, but what advice do you have for him?

MAX HOMA: Yeah, I think kind of like he will today, just soak it in. It goes by real fast. Each moment you have, you will not get again. Just appreciate kind of each step along the way because it's crazy but it's fun, and you build some amazing memories with your wife, and it's chaos. It's beautiful chaos. It's very similar to golf in a way.

Q. (Indiscernible) any other round you've played before or not as different as you might think?

MAX HOMA: Yeah, I think this morning was tough. Oddly, once we started getting going, it felt back to golf again. I've always leaned back on that and the success I have had, that many times although it's new and crazy and kind of hectic, when the golf club is in my hand, I feel like me, and I've always really appreciated that about myself, and I did kind of have that feeling today.

Q. How would you sum up how you feel leaving this week?

MAX HOMA: It's bittersweet, I guess, because I feel accomplished but I feel like it doesn't really mean anything in the grand scheme of things. But I just feel like I learned. I feel like I took a big leap.

The rhetoric on me, and this is from myself, as well, is I have not performed in these things, and I performed for all four days. I didn't throw a 65 in there and sneak my way in. I had to sleep on this every single day, this feeling and kind of this monkey on my back.

For me, I think it'll change some things, and then in other ways it'll change nothing at all.

Q. (Indiscernible).

MAX HOMA: I don't think it ratchets it up. I actually think it might calm me down. I don't feel like I need to prove anything else to myself. Obviously I would love to prove I can win, but I know I can play in these things well now. The last two majors I've played quite well.

Obviously I need to prove that I can win one, but winning is fickle. I know the way I played today is good enough to win. If the putts don't go, the putts don't go. I actually think it'll put me at ease a little bit for the majors to come.

Q. How impressive is what Scottie does?

MAX HOMA: His commitment, his mind. He is pretty amazing at letting things roll off his back and stepping up to very difficult golf shots and treating them like their own. He's obviously a tremendous talent, but I think that is his superpower.

Q. What did you hit on 12?

MAX HOMA: 9-iron.

Q. When you got up to the bushes, what are you thinking? What's going through your head?

MAX HOMA: The honest answer is it didn't feel fair. I hit a really good golf shot, and it didn't feel fair. I've seen far worse just roll back down the hill.

Yeah, the professional answer is these things happen.

Q. What do you think tomorrow will feel like?

MAX HOMA: I haven't drank in a really, really, really long time, but I've been planning it for Sunday after the Masters, so probably not great. It'll be all right.

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