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April 23, 2023

Adam Hadwin

Nick Taylor

Avondale, Louisiana, USA

TPC Louisiana

Quick Quotes

Q. Some opening comments about a great final round to get yourself in contention with lots of birdies.

ADAM HADWIN: Yeah. I would say that we kind of picked who would go odds and evens about perfectly today.

I drove it pretty well. I drove it in play. His irons were great today, gave me a lot of looks, and I had a great feel for the greens. I rolled in a lot of putts there, especially on that middle stretch when we went on a run.

I missed a couple iron shots coming in. He hit great chip shots. Just really good team partner golf today, and to kind of end like that is pretty special.

Q. You start seven back. Did you think going into the day like, hey, we might have a shot at this? If not, when did it kind of click on the golf course like, oh, man, we're in this thing now?

NICK TAYLOR: I knew we had to shoot a really good round to even sniff the lead. Probably earlier on the back nine when Adam just kept making putt after putt. I was like just hit it as close as I can, and it felt like it was going to go in.

In the back of my mind, I felt once we got to 30 once we were on that run, we'd have a good chance. Hopefully we can sneak in a playoff. We'll see. 18 is definitely not playing super easy. It's dead in the wind. Not many teams can get there in two. You have to step up and take a shot on 17 too.

We'll see. We might fall one short, but it was obviously a really fun day.

Q. Tying the foursomes record, at least there was that. Did you know about that going in for the last couple holes when you had a few putts at it?

ADAM HADWIN: I did (laughter). Yeah, obviously, like you said, we kind of got on that run. Certainly trying to win this golf tournament probably felt a little out of reach at that point. Even then, the leaders still have four or five holes on you. Like you said, probably making one or two more would have gone a long way.

Yeah, once we got through 14, 15 and we're still 9-under par, I actually said to my caddie, I said, I want that record. We had some good looks actually the last three holes. The putts kind of just didn't fall like they did the first 15.

It is what it is. Heck of a round, 9-under, alternate shot. That's the most amount of birdies we made all week, and we did it alternate shot.

NICK TAYLOR: Our alternate shot was actually better than our best ball this week, which is pretty interesting.

ADAM HADWIN: That's Cantlay-Schauffele-esque, so I would say we're in good company.

Q. How many holes or how long a period of time did you go without having to putt?

NICK TAYLOR: I made a 9, 10-footer on 6 for par. And I didn't hit a putt until --


NICK TAYLOR: Until 13. I had my 10-footer for birdie.

So I was -- I get to the green, and I didn't take it. I would have my putter in my hand, but I loosely was giving it back to my caddie. It was a nice run.

Q. For those unaware, can you kind of take us through how long you've known each other and kind of the relationship you guys have had over the years.

NICK TAYLOR: We were saying earlier we've known each other since we were about 12 years old. We went to different high schools, so we played a little bit of junior golf together.

Post-college, we lived together for two or three years with another buddy, traveled the Korn Ferry Tour together. We've had a lot of golf the last 10, 12 years together. We came out on TOUR at the same time. So, yeah, it's been a great run.

ADAM HADWIN: It's very unique to have two guys from the same city grow up and get out here on the PGA TOUR.

So now to kind of come full circle -- I know we paired up in the World Cup a number of years ago, but to kind of come full circle on the PGA TOUR, like he said, we came out the same year in '14, and here we are eight, nine years later teaming up at Zurich Classic and having a chance to win. So it's pretty cool.

Q. Hard to imagine a better pairing to try to go chase a record for you two, I guess?



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