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September 9, 2000

Andy Roddick

Flushing Meadows, New York

MODERATOR: Questions for Andy.

Q. Could have been an all-Boca final.

ANDY RODDICK: Could have been.

Q. Would have been kind of fun.

ANDY RODDICK: Yeah, it would have been all right, I guess. Either way, it's another American in the final. I didn't really care too much.

Q. Have you played Robbie before?

ANDY RODDICK: We were talking about it. I played him in 12s, 16s in Easter Bowl, and the warm-up event for Australia this year.

Q. Who has the edge?

ANDY RODDICK: I'm up 3-0 right now.

Q. What was going through your mind in the second set? First set you ran through fairly well. Second set, you ran into some problems at the start.

ANDY RODDICK: Yeah, I kind of fell asleep in the second set. I stopped, you know, concentrating. I let other things get to me. I think I regrouped. I was mentally tough for the last part of the second set. I could have let things slip away a little bit. Could have been gotten into a really tight match. I kind of pulled myself together. I pulled myself out of a funk pretty well.

Q. When you said things bothered you, anything specifically?

ANDY RODDICK: Well, the guy, when they called the trainer out for Ancic, he had like a stab on his arm, looked like a mosquito bite almost. They called the trainer from all the way across Bumbahoo US Open to come out. It took about 10, 15 minutes. That was right after I had broken back the first time. I had to sit. I got cold sitting there for 10 or 15 minutes. I wasn't happy about that. But I guess it's the rule.

Q. How much do you think TeamTennis has helped you? Huge improvement since seeing you play in Europe.

ANDY RODDICK: Yeah, the reason I played TeamTennis is you're getting matches every other day on a high level. I think if you play, you have to adjust. You can't keep losing night after night after night. I think it helped me a lot. It really brought my confidence back up. I wasn't playing my best at the French, in Europe. I was playing all right in England before I got hurt. I got knocked back again. I used that kind of as a stepping stone. Plus it's a shortened format so I'm getting out of the blocks a lot quicker in my matches, not letting people get confidence, not letting people think they can hang or whatever. I think it's helped a lot.

Q. What did Tarik say after the match?

ANDY RODDICK: "Way to pull yourself out of it. Had you a bad stretch of about four games, but besides that you were really solid."

Q. Pretty soon you'll hit the challenger trail. Do you almost feel like you're leaving the nest for the first time in your life?

ANDY RODDICK: No. I've played the pro stuff before. This is just a different level of it. I think this will actually be better because it's not going to be, you know, one, two matches and then you're done. I think I can win matches in challengers and make a dent in it.

Q. Do you see yourself becoming completely independent in the sense of having your own place or continue to live at home?

ANDY RODDICK: No, I'll stay at home. I don't really need to go anywhere. I love my parents a lot. It's nice to be there. I mean, I'm never home anyway. I mean, it's kind of pointless.

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