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December 5, 2004

Andy Roddick


RANDY WALKER: Questions.

Q. Could you give us your impressions of the match?

ANDY RODDICK: Obviously, I got off to a slow start, but from then on it was pretty much dead even, except for a couple points in the breaker here and there. It's just tough 'cause, you know, I felt like I was in it the whole time, you know, against probably one of the Top 3 clay-courters in the world. I had my chances, just didn't convert 'em.

Q. You fought so hard to get into both tiebreaks. Towards the end of both of them, a lot of unforced errors. Was it the pressure, the situation?

ANDY RODDICK: I don't know. You know, I felt like I had to go for my shots. I'm not going to beat these guys just sliding around playing loopers and doing all types of that on this surface. I'm not that good on the surface yet. You know, I went for my shots, and I just missed them. Pretty much there, what you see is what you get.

Q. How much did Friday take out of you?

ANDY RODDICK: Yesterday, I felt pretty bad. But actually, surprisingly, today I was, you know, at the end of the third set, I wasn't tired at all actually. So, you know, it was a pleasant surprise the way I was able to kind of turn it around. You know, I felt fine today.

Q. Midway through the second set, about 3-1, you got kind of wrong-footed or went the wrong way. What did you hurt, if anything? You were walking a little gingerly after that.

ANDY RODDICK: Yeah. Just, you know, a little bit on my right groin. But bottom line is they were just better than us this weekend. You can say whatever you want, but they came out, they took care of business. They beat us. It's as simple as that.

Q. What were your thoughts when you saw that guy Jimmy Jumping on your side of the court?

ANDY RODDICK: At first I was scared. I didn't know who it was and I see some guy running on the court with a wooden frickin' bat or whatever it was. I mean, my heart jumped when I first saw it. It was scary. Then when he started doing his thing, I had to refrain myself from going and getting him myself. But he had a very nice hat.

Q. The round is different, but how does this compare with two years ago in Paris, the feeling?

ANDY RODDICK: You know, I think we put up a better fight here than we did in Paris two years ago. You know, obviously it's away, it's on clay and all that stuff. But we're a better team now, I think. I didn't have any chances in those matches. They really kind of took it to me. I feel like, you know, I had one shot away from Nadal, that set point in the third set, if that had gone my way, then there were a couple opportunities today. So, you know, even though it was the same end result, I felt like, you know, we were a little closer. We played a little better - or I played a little better this time. Obviously, the Bryans played amazing. They're a great team to have working for us.

Q. You had to take some pretty hard knocks in big championships this year. Does this make you more motivated to improve and get stronger next year?

ANDY RODDICK: Yeah, absolutely. You know, I've been at the finish line a couple times this year and haven't crossed it first. You know, it's disappointing, but at the same time you have to look at what it took to get there. Obviously, you know, last year was almost too easy. I didn't get there that often, but when I did, I made it happen. This year I felt like I got there more often, and it didn't happen for me. You know, I guess that happens sometimes. I'll just work harder.

Q. Have you talked about or do you maybe have thoughts about what could be done to take away some of the advantage the home team has when they can choose clay on you every time?

ANDY RODDICK: Not in the last 10 minutes since we finished.

Q. Any thoughts generically?

ANDY RODDICK: Not really. We just have to improve. It's not like we can do anything to prevent it. Bottom line is, we're responsible for it, we have to get better. You know, there's really no miracle answer. We just have to deal with it and accept it and improve.

Q. Can you give people who might never have a chance to be in the situation you're in today an idea of what it's like to be out there, that noise, crowd, spectacle?

ANDY RODDICK: Not really. I mean, it's tough to kind of put into words, what it's all about. I mean, you're busy focusing on the task at hand. Then you look up, and there are people for as far as you can see, you know, just going nuts and cheering and stuff. I mean, it's one thing to sit on the sideline, but it's another thing to kind of feel it and be a part of it. You know, it's definitely -- this weekend was unlike anything I've experienced before.

Q. Do you walk away from the tie with your head held high or do you walk away kicking yourself a little bit because you're the US No. 1 and you couldn't get a win for the guys?

ANDY RODDICK: Probably a little bit of both. I'll kick myself a little bit, but I have nothing to be ashamed of. You know, I gave it my all. I came out here. I prepared myself as best I could. You know, I'm obviously upset with myself that I couldn't get a win, like you said. But, you know, I'm not going to walk out of here with my head down, that's for sure.

Q. Aside from the heckling of your faults, your errors, it seemed like a pretty good crowd. But does all that noise wear on you after a while?

ANDY RODDICK: I mean, like I said the other day, I mean, it's no secret that it's an advantage to have a couple people for you, much less 26,000. I think the other day it shocked me a little bit. But today I was okay with it. You know, I really was able to kind of -- I tried to block it out. I stayed pretty mellow today. So, you know, once I got past the initial shock of it, I was able kind of to settle in a little bit more.

Q. Do you think you showed your tennis character the moment where there was a lot of noise in the court and you made one ace, saving that match point? Do you feel proud of that? I know it's a loss, but you did it several times when the noise was up there.

ANDY RODDICK: I really had no choice. The noise was always up there. It's not like I had the choice in the situation. But, I mean, not just the ace, but, like I said, I gave it my all. You know, if there's one thing I can be proud of this weekend, it's that.

Q. You said this weekend, there was nothing else you've experienced like it. What would be in second place? Would it be Davis Cup, Roland Garros in second place in terms of crowd and atmosphere?

ANDY RODDICK: You know, as far as just an unbiased opinion of atmosphere?

Q. In terms of the intensity.

ANDY RODDICK: Yeah, I mean, when we played in France two years ago, I thought that was nuts until I came here. You know, as far as the best crowd for us, playing a US Open final in front of 23,000 of your own is pretty great. It's a nice feeling also.

Q. Is it a flipside?

ANDY RODDICK: I don't know to that level. But it's probably as close as I'll come. .

Q. At one point Carlos hushed the crowd. You seemed to have a warm exchange with him at the net afterwards. What sort of respect do you have for him as a competitor and sportsman?

ANDY RODDICK: Well, I mean, more so than anything, I just think when someone accomplishes something like the Spanish team did today, you have to respect that and you have to give them their due credit. You know, I think that's what it was more than anything. They did a great job. I think you have to pay -- when it's over and done with, you have to kind of withdraw yourself from the situation, how you're feeling, and try to pay respect to what they accomplished.

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