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February 26, 2022

Shane Lowry

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA

PGA National Resort

Quick Quotes

Q. I heard you say the greens were, got kind of harder today and a little tougher to what, just read or what?

SHANE LOWRY: They're just firming up and they're crusty and around the hole is pretty difficult. It's quite hard to get a 25-footer to get good pace on it and get the right speed, it's just tricky. It's playing great though, I really like the way it's playing, it's in a we're weighed it's quite enjoyable out there. It's such a tough test because I feel like personally that too many weeks we play where it's 20-, 25-under winning tournaments so for me this is more enjoyable than that.

Q. How big was that 20-footer you used to save par?

SHANE LOWRY: That was good for momentum. But I have it in my head you're probably going to make bogeys out here, just need to keep the doubles off the card and try and make birdies when you do get the chances and hopefully you shoot a good score at the end of the day. I think I'm in a good frame of mind that way. I'm taking the bad breaks on the chin and taking the good breaks and good shots and moving on and try on the next one. So, yeah, but it was, it was huge for momentum that.

Q. Now do you have a home in Jupiter?

SHANE LOWRY: I live in Jupiter, yeah.

Q. And I know someone told me you're a member at the Bear's Club?

SHANE LOWRY: Yeah, so I love it there. This is obviously a home tournament or somewhat of a home tournament this week and nice to be sleeping in my own bed and being around my family.

Q. Do you get to play here much?

SHANE LOWRY: No, never play here other than the tournament. So busy here you wouldn't get out to play. So no, never other than the tournament.

Q. Not even an Open champion?

SHANE LOWRY: No, never, never, I wouldn't --

Q. You might be the only 67 today, lowest score. Do you get a sense, even though you're playing well, can you tell that it's going to beat people up based on what you're seeing?

SHANE LOWRY: Well I checked the scores, I was checking the scoring this morning as I was sitting at home and normally on a Saturday morning on the PGA TOUR people, somebody shoots 5-, 6-under and makes a move up the leaderboard. But nobody was doing that this morning and I said to myself coming to the course it's going to be difficult today. I said to Paul walking down the first, it's going to be an absolute grind and we just have to take the good breaks and take the bad breaks on the chin and just move on and try and shoot the best score you can and I'm thankful that that was 67.

Q. What do you make of this being a really tough tournament, 6-under being a great score and Berger sitting at 12-under.

SHANE LOWRY: He's obviously playing really well, he likes it around here, he's done well in the past. But, yeah, it's, he's obviously playing well. Obviously you want to go out and catch him tomorrow, but I don't think you can go and catch anyone on this golf course, you just need to do your thing and shoot the best score you can and hopefully it will be somewhere near good enough.

Q. At the moment you would be in the final group, is that something --

SHANE LOWRY: That would be nice. I was trying to make birdie on the last to try and get into the final group, but I'm just a, I don't know, just to maybe if I did get off to a hot start or something just to try and put a little bit of pressure on him and keep an eye on him.

But there's other guys up there at the top of the leaderboard that are going to be thinking the same. So I just need to focus back on myself and worry about what I'm doing and I think if I could shoot another 67 or maybe even one better tomorrow you never know I might not be far away.

Q. This is your first PGA TOUR event of 2022. Have you been playing much in Europe?

SHANE LOWRY: I played three events over there in the Middle East, so this is my fourth event of the year. Played a couple of events before in the fall season on the PGA TOUR, so yeah, this is my first of this calendar year.

Q. Is this indicative of how you've been playing?

SHANE LOWRY: Yeah, I was in the final group with a chance to win in Abu Dhabi and I played decent the next two weeks and feel like my game's in good shape and I'm looking forward to the challenge of going out trying to win a PGA TOUR event tomorrow.

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