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July 19, 2021

Kingsley Enagbare

Hoover, Alabama, USA

South Carolina Gamecocks

Press Conference

Q. Facing Kevin Harris in practice, how would you compare, how would you rate him among SEC backs you faced, and what makes him so good?

KINGSLEY ENAGBARE: I definitely feel like he's the best SEC back and really the best back in the nation, honestly. He's definitely a guy who's going to show out again this year, as he did last year, and he practiced hard. This is a very hard competitor, and he definitely works hard. Everything you seen last year is a result of his hard work.

THE MODERATOR: New coaching staff, talk about how the team has reacted to that and just the gelling of the team under the new coaching staff.

KINGSLEY ENAGBARE: The team definitely bought in, whether it's with Coach Beamer teaching or Coach Day, our new weight room staff, we definitely are committed to what they have to offer and what they're telling us. We're definitely excited for this change and definitely ready for September the 4th.

Q. It's obviously Coach Beamer's first time as a college head coach. What kind of impression has he made on you guys? Are you guys too young to know who his dad is? If you know about his dad, what does that mean to you, the family tree he comes from?

KINGSLEY ENAGBARE: I definitely think he's going to live up to his dad's expectations and the level his dad set for him. So far the last six months has been amazing. The energy he brings day in and day out, there's never a dull moment with him. Just the positive, he just reinforces everyone with positive reinforcement, and it's just the feeling with Coach Beamer around is just amazing.

Like with the whole staff, really the whole vibe of Columbia has changed ever since he's been signed as the new head coach. So definitely excited for things.

Q. I know we saw you switch your number. You've got a single-digit number. I know there's a couple other bigger guys down on the defensive line with single-digit numbers. How do you guys go about securing those, and what was that process for you?

KINGSLEY ENAGBARE: For me, honestly, it's probably the standard Jaycee Horn set with the No. 1, and for me it's a mentality thing. In a sense, where just seeing what Jaycee did last year, for me, I'm trying to have a daily reminder I need to top that and go higher than he did or just a little natural competition.

Yes, there's definitely other guys with lower numbers and definitely a new look on the defensive line.

Q. This defensive line is rated one of the top 10, 15 best in the country. Can you explain what makes this group so good; two, just what the role of the defensive line will be in a slightly new defensive scheme and what kind of pride you guys will take in that.

KINGSLEY ENAGBARE: We're taking high pride in probably being one of the forces of the team and just the forces of the nation honestly. We've got a lot of veterans coming back, a lot of guys who played good ball for us, whether it's Aaron Sterling, Jordan Burch, Jordan Strachan, Zacch Pickens, Jabari Ellis, we're loaded, honestly. I feel like we're two, three deep, and we're about to be dominant this year.

Q. What have you noticed from Coach Beamer today in terms of his mood? Has he been unusually excited today to get in this environment? What was the plane ride over here like?

KINGSLEY ENAGBARE: He's definitely been excited today, the first SEC Media Day as a head coach. Yeah, so the energy definitely was up today. I've seen more smiles than usual. So it's definitely been a good day for him, I'd say.

THE MODERATOR: Just talk a little bit about the difference of this off-season preparing. Last off-season, you're dealing with a pandemic, not knowing whether the season was going to be played. How much more normal is this year? Do you feel like you're ahead of the game as far as getting prepared for the season?

KINGSLEY ENAGBARE: This year is still a little wicked in a sense of folks still having to take COVID tests and stuff like that, wear masks throughout the building and things like that, but it's definitely way more easy and smoother.

Because last year we're working out but still wondering if we're having a season or not, so it's definitely gut wrenching the whole time during that. I would definitely say we're very at ease in a sense this year, knowing for sure we're having a season and stuff like that. So I would definitely say this year is definitely probably easier and more calming to the mind.

Q. Is there an NIL deal that you've seen from somebody in college football that you've been jealous of so far?

KINGSLEY ENAGBARE: None in particular. I mean, no, not really.

Q. Obviously, there's a tradition at South Carolina of defensive linemen, in recent years a bunch of guys who have been first round picks. To be next in that line, what does that mean to you, and how do you feel you can go about continuing that trend?

KINGSLEY ENAGBARE: First off, it's definitely a blessing to be in the position I'm in right now, a humbling experience. We're definitely trying to continue that trend, the legacy we produced over the last years, and try to up the standard for the next generation.

Q. As a player, how do you feel about the name, image, and likeness, and have you got anything set up yet?

KINGSLEY ENAGBARE: I definitely feel like it's a good thing for football or just for college sports in general for us to be able to make money off our name, image, and likeness. It's definitely something we've been preaching and wanting for years and decades, I would say. So I feel like it's definitely a positive thing for college sports in general.

For me personally, I really haven't had too many deals, or too many offers. I guess I'm taking my time with it. If the right deals come, but I'm not too pressed for things right now.

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