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July 18, 2021

Ryan Fox

Sandwich, Kent, England, UK

Mixed Zone

Q. Ryan, thank you for joining us. I'm sure not the finish you were looking here at the 149th Open, but can you reflect on the week for us?

RYAN FOX: Yeah, I mean it was a very disappointing weekend, to be honest. There was signs that were good both days, just made too many mistakes, to be honest. Hit it in the long grass a bit too many times and got severely punished, as you can during links golf.

There was a lot of good. The first two rounds were great, but, yeah, the weekend was very disappointing. Honestly today was utterly shite, to be honest.

Q. There were plenty of positives out there. Looking through those and taking them through the rest of your schedule, what's up next?

RYAN FOX: Getting ready for Tokyo next week, so I'll take a few days off. I've played four weeks in a row. I think probably mentally, physically, I was a little tired over the weekend here this week as well, which is no surprise. I need a little time to refresh and then a couple of days practice to get ready for Japan.

Q. Played with Brooks Koepka today. Obviously he's had a fantastic round. What's it like playing with players like him?

RYAN FOX: I've been lucky this week. I've had four top 20 players in the world to play with. Felt pretty comfortable the whole week, felt like my game was comparable. Today I just didn't have it, and you can see why Brooks has won four major championships. He started a little bit scrappy and made some pars and then caught fire from 6 onwards. To be honest, he left quite a few out there on the back nine. Could have easily got to double digits.

I guess that's where I need to be, just find a little bit more consistency and stop making too many silly mistakes like I made over the weekend. I feel like -- I'm not necessarily close, but I'm not miles away either.

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