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July 17, 2021

A Lim Kim

Yealimi Noh

Midland, Michigan, USA

Midland Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Yealimi, 6-under par today. What went into a pretty solid final round?

YEALIMI NOH: Yeah, it started out a little slow again, but it was a little tougher today. We had good weather, but I think it was quite windy. I think it was the windiest out of the week, and we struggled a little bit, but we got it going on the back nine, just kind of back and forth. Every time I birdied, also now it's your turn. We were going back and forth with a couple birdies.

It was a solid round today. I feel like we did leave a couple shots out there, a couple birdies and a par. We both bogeyed one hole, which always sucks, but yeah, we played really solid.

Q. How much fun was it playing with Yealimi this week?

A LIM KIM: It was fun. She's very exciting because -- it was really fun to play with her and her game and see her shots and her game in general and how she kept it really simple and how it was fun to pair my game with hers. We left a lot out there because we gave ourselves a lot of opportunities, missed a couple, but it was our first week ever playing like this, so hopefully next year.

Q. Did you like the format? Did you like the course? Did you like the Midland community?

A LIM KIM: It was good. It was my first time here in Midland.

YEALIMI NOH: I'm sure it's so different from Korea, just to see the town and the people and the community. The course was really nice.

A LIM KIM: Yeah, really fun.

YEALIMI NOH: Before we came here I asked about the course to some people and they said it was really exciting, on the shorter side but a lot to it. Really exciting course. There's barely any straightforward holes, so it was fun.

Q. When you play in a team event, can you still get momentum to help you in a regular stroke-play event?

A LIM KIM: Yeah, I think for sure the momentum is good.

YEALIMI NOH: Me too. It was a great tournament week for us because we had a bit of a rough start to the year, and just getting our first top 5, I think for her and me, took a long time, but finally we got it together, so it's extra special.

Q. I see some relief in your eyes, both of you.

YEALIMI NOH: Yeah, definitely for me. I had a really tough start to the year. I was struggling a lot and it was quite depressing, but I'm just glad to have gotten done this week. Even with a partner it's still golf and we're still playing good golf on our own, even though we're playing together. I think it's good for both of us going into the next few weeks in Europe.

Q. A Lim, is there some relief with how you finished here?

A LIM KIM: More than the results, what was more important to me was getting used to the atmosphere of America, coming from Korea. This week helps with that positive energy.

Q. Yealimi, with your work with Dr. Matt Hart, he's emphasizing visualization of your ideal state of golf. How would you describe that ideal state?

YEALIMI NOH: Right now? The state of golf how I'm feeling?

Q. Yeah, Golf Digest just sent me this one. How would you describe that ideal state of golf that he emphasizes?

YEALIMI NOH: Yeah, just happy and positive state of mind during the round and obviously that's easier said and done. It's really frustrating out there, especially for me where I compare myself a lot -- not to other players but to my old self, and just when I play well, it's really frustrating to not see that when I put the work in.

But everyone knows through that, so just having a really positive mindset out on the course -- and she helped me a lot this week, too, just how happy with every shot she is and how she just kept me really positive.

Actually today we had a bogey on 9 and I was kind of mad -- we were both mad, but she's like, take it as a motivation for the next hole. It actually makes you more focused and just think of it in that way instead of getting mad over the mistakes. Think positive and happy overall.

Q. How close was this week to your ideal state of golf?

YEALIMI NOH: It actually was the right step -- a good step in the right direction. Yeah, I'm happy to see where my game is going. I'm hitting it a lot better, and hopefully can carry this on to next week. I'm playing all the events in Europe, so hopefully good stuff over there.

Q. What goals do you have as part of that visualization of an ideal state?

YEALIMI NOH: Yeah, I just hope to, again, stay happy on the course. Actually I think this is the most enjoyable round or week I've ever had on the golf course. Like I was thinking about that earlier, too, not just this year but overall. Like it was just so fun and like everything was so lighthearted and no stress, even though we're in tournament golf. It was just a nice visualization for me to see how well I can play while being happy and stress free, so it helped a lot this week.

Q. A Lim, your partner next year?

A LIM KIM: Yeah, sure. Good. Yes.

Q. You would like that?

A LIM KIM: Yeah, I love it.


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