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July 17, 2021

Jasmine Suwannapura

Cydney Clanton

Midland, Michigan, USA

Midland Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Great effort this week. I would imagine you're pretty proud of -- it looked like an all-in effort from both of you throughout the entire week.

CYDNEY CLANTON: Definitely. Jasmine and I just talked on the 18th green, man, we felt like we won this one. It was tough conditions today, it was windy, we didn't think anybody would go super low, but Ariya and Moriya played great today, so they deserved it.

Q. Take us through your perspective this week and what it meant to finish runner up?

JASMINE SUWANNAPURA: I think since the first day we've been grinding hard, and we stayed pretty patient even though things doesn't drop. I'm really proud of us to be able to finish second, but for me, for us, I feel like we definitely won this tournament again because we grind and play a lot of good golf this week for sure.

Q. You guys won obviously last year. From what you remember, how much momentum can you get from a team event to move forward in just regular stroke play events again?

CYDNEY CLANTON: I think the fact that we were in contention every day, it's awesome to play consistent. We talked about how much we scrambled this week in comparison I think to two years ago. I didn't feel like we had to scramble as much. I swear, I thought it was way easier two years ago. I feel like we scrambled really well and we kind of held our own out there.

I think we played incredibly great. I think that you have to take -- we chipped it in twice. I don't know how you can't move forward with that.

I think we played great. I think we both hit the ball well, and we made a lot of putts. Hopefully we can do that going forward.

Q. How much does the person to your right mean to you and how much are you looking forward to continuing this relationship in the future at this event?

JASMINE SUWANNAPURA: I mean, me and Cyd have a really good relationship as a friend. I feel like I can talk to her about almost everything, like my personal life or golf stuff. Like I said, I think we both feel very comfortable around each other, and we're always rooting for each other.

I mean, from now on or forever, I mean, we're going to root for each other and stay close and be very, very good friends.

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