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July 17, 2021

Minjee Lee

Midland, Michigan, USA

Midland Country Club

Quick Quotes


Q. Eagles at 2 and 12; how did it go?

MINJEE LEE: The first eagle I hit a 7-iron in and it was kind of a -- I didn't see it disappear, so I didn't know if it was like over the pin or if it was like going in, but the crowd was like, oh, it went in. Yeah, that was pretty cool.

And then the second one, I just really wanted to hole. Yeah, it was like 20-something meters, and it went in, so it was really nice to add that score to the end score.

Q. What was it like playing with Yuka this week?

MINJEE LEE: It was really fun. I mean, she's like one of the best up-and-comers. She won the U.S. Open. I know it was kind of like a last-minute partnership that we agreed to play together, but I think overall it was just a really fun week. She's really pleasant to be around. I had fun.

Q. Instead of like picking a top player, another top player to play with, do you kind of look at this event as one where maybe you pick someone new up-and-coming or maybe someone on the rise that you can give some mentorship to and just enjoy the time with, someone to welcome in? You're a pretty laid-back person.

MINJEE LEE: Oh, yeah. Anyone could come and talk to me if they needed help or any questions.

But no, I was supposed to play with Jin Young, but it happened she -- somehow our thing didn't work out this time. Yuka happened to be available, and she was 50/50 in wanting to play. It kind of was like, oh, we should play, so we decided to play.

Overall I think she had a good week, too, so hopefully she learned a little bit or whatever she takes out of playing with me. It was good.

Q. Does Jin Young have some competition in terms of partnerships moving to next year?

MINJEE LEE: Next year maybe I'll have someone else. Maybe I'll have the same person. I don't know, maybe.

Q. Schedule, Evian, off --

MINJEE LEE: Evian, a week off, then Olympics and then Scottish and British. Good stretch coming up.

Q. Does that sound more intimidating than it actually will be in terms of the travel and everything?

MINJEE LEE: No, because I went to London last week, came here to play, going back to Evian and coming back to America, so I'm ready for it. I'm just going to take it as it comes.

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