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July 17, 2021

Danny Willett

Sandwich, Kent, England, UK

Mixed Zone

Q. Danny, looked like you had some discomfort in your wrist. Are you glad you stayed out there and persevered?

DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, no, the rough is thick. The lie looked better than it was and when it came out it was a little bit that way. I think it's just the initial shock.

Then, yeah, no. Carried on. Played okay. Bit scrappy. Obviously highlight the eagle on 10. Then just did, you know, some poor ones in kind of from 12 to 11 to 11 to 15, and then had a couple nice looks on the last three.

Yeah, all in all too far back, but good day tomorrow for a nice finish.

Q. Definitely the highlight of the day was that eagle on 10. Talk to us through that shot, please.

DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, we had 124, trying to pitch it 118. Full sand wedge to a left flag with the wind down out the left, so pulled it a little bit. Not going to lie, from that lie.

Obviously came out and we thought it just got over the hill and gone, and then there was a few people out cheering. Yeah, it's always a bonus when they go in when from haven't holed a shot for a hell of a long time.

Q. The crowd reaction I am sure was wonderful, and obviously great to have them back here this week The Open. What's that been like?

DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, it's amazing. This championship with no fans would be a very strange place. This championship with fans, even though there is not full capacity, is still one of the best atmosphere in golf. It's been incredible out there this week.

Being up the right side of the leaderboard, being off late, getting all the fans in there all around all the greens, you know, the grandstand on 16 is amazing, and coming down the last there is very few walks in golf that give you goosebumps like that walk down 18 from 150 yards and in.

Yeah, amazing to the cheered on the greens and the tees and amazing to have people back.

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