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July 17, 2021

Ryan Fox

Sandwich, Kent, England, UK

Mixed Zone

Q. Ryan, thank you so much for joining us. A little bit more of a mixed day out there for you. Can you talk to us about your round?

RYAN FOX: Yeah, I just drove to poorly today, to be honest. The rough out there is pretty nasty and I ended up in there a lot. Got some pretty lucky breaks in there and got a couple really bad lies and missed a couple greens short side, and you can't do that round here.

Yeah, got stung pretty badly when I did that.

Q. You have been saying that your driving has been really great all week. What was the difference today? What kind of happened?

RYAN FOX: Just a little bit tight. Probably got a little quick out there. I did hit some good drives and I hit some drives that just missed, which, again, is a bit penal round here. I didn't hit two bad drives down 1 and 2 and ended up just in the long stuff with pretty average lies and start 5, 6.

If I was a hard further right on both of those tee shots or a couple yards further right, my second shot becomes a lot easier. So the margin for error is pretty small round here. Unfortunately it was just one of those days where for the most part if I hit a bad shot I got hammered.

But I hit a lot of really good shots today, I putted it nicely, so there is some positives to take into tomorrow. Go hit a few drives on the range and to figure out what went wrong, and hopefully can take that into tomorrow and hit some good ones.

Q. I was just going to say, there were four birdies on scorecard so there were some highlights and positive things to reflect on.

RYAN FOX: Yeah, and to be fair, I hit a lot of shots close that I didn't take advantage of. Played the par-5s really nicely. I think I hit two second shots inside 20 feet there and lipped one out and ran one on the edge on the other one.

So could have been a lot better. Yeah, just one of those days. It's links golf, and as I said, the margins for error round here are pretty small. The pin placements are tricky today I thought. I was just not quite there.

So 1-over on a day like today, yes it probably takes me out of contention for the tournament, but it doesn't take me out of contention for a decent finish.

I just need to keep it in play a little better tomorrow and hopefully everything else stays how it is and I've got a good shot.

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