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July 16, 2021

Jasmine Suwannapura

Cydney Clanton

Midland, Michigan, USA

Midland Country Club

Press Conference

Cydney Clanton and Jasmine Suwannapura.

THE MODERATOR: Here with Cydney Clanton and Jasmine Suwannapura. I want to start here, Jasmine, and take me through that putt on 18 and how excited were you feeling after that awesome walk-up music?

JASMINE SUWANNAPURA: Well, I mean, I picked that song and I just feel so pumped. I'm like, Ooh, Cydney hit a good one, and I'm like, Yeah! Walking in with that song just feeling great, and we just got lucky that Carlota and Mel were right behind us so I get to see the speed and line a little bit.

And at the same time, I feel positive and good memory here on 18 and I feel like I can maybe roll this in, you know.

THE MODERATOR: Flashback Cydney to 2019 when you guys were among the leaders leading after 54 holes in Midland back then. Do you remember those thoughts, that 54-hole lead when you guys were doing so well as you came through your closing stretch?

CYDNEY CLANTON: You know, it's funny, I think all of us wish we remembered more when we played good. It's funny, you don't always pick up all the things that you wished you could, but the crowds and the fans and everybody that came out is what you remember, and it's been so cool this week.

But yeah, I mean, it's awesome. We've played good, and I think again today we stayed very patient because we didn't have many good looks until the very end, and then Jasmine made some clutch putts on 17 and 18.

And so we stayed really patient again, so I think that was another good key today.

Q. Jasmine, you were able to get through today without any bogeys on the card with alternate shot. How impressive is that to you guys, and how important is that setting up for tomorrow's final round?

JASMINE SUWANNAPURA: You know, just because today was just so windy, it wasn't easy at all for today. I'm glad that me and Cyd is very patient, and even though I hit a little chunk shot on the par-5, and I'm like, Ahh, so we had about, what, 30 yards from the bunker? So I'm really glad that Cyd was there to put it like four feet for me to make the par on that hole. I was like, Ooh.

She's been great today for sure. Like I feel like when I missed a shot and she was there, and then make all the putts and save all the pars.

We've been very patient and we know -- we don't even say anything. We know that we have to be patient today, and then got a couple birdies back on 17 and 18, which was really great.

Q. Cydney, take me through watching those putts from Jasmine on 17 and 18.

CYDNEY CLANTON: You know, it's funny. A lot of times I don't even want to grab the putter, but I just grab it just because, because I feel so confident in her putting. You can just see her demeanor and she's walking around the hole and it's a really cool thing, so if no one has watched it, please watch it.

She has this sort of confidence about her. You know her speed is just perfect, so you know if she doesn't make it it's going to be really close to going in.

It's really cool to sit back and watch. It's really cool to sit back and watch someone that has played so good and that has the opportunity to make big-time putts in big-time situations, so it's really actually really fun for me just to sit back and watch.

Q. You both have been so consistent this event, three consecutive 65s, winning last year. What is the greatest key to staying so consistent in this team format?

JASMINE SUWANNAPURA: I think we stayed pretty patient. I don't think just because we win two years ago it doesn't mean that the golf course was easy. Doesn't mean that we're going to be able to play some good golf.

It's just golf. Like we just stay patient and find opportunities for ourselves to make birdies and have fun with each other.

Q. What confidence does your past success from this event give you with this crowded leaderboard heading into the final round?

CYDNEY CLANTON: You know, I don't know. I mean, obviously you can say that we play for this every week. You play to be in contention, you play to be in the last group. You take some of the memories from 2019 and the good ones and try to use it, but really tomorrow is all about trying to play each hole at a time and try to have as many opportunities as possible, which is easier said than done, just because there's history.

But you can't recreate what we did in 2019. You're going to have to make what we have today, what we have tomorrow, and try to play the best we can and see what we can get out of it.

Q. You both have now the opportunity to defend a championship. That means so much to the both of you. What would it mean to be able to go out there and defend this championship.

JASMINE SUWANNAPURA: To be able to defend this week with Cyd, it's going to be -- I think it's going to be pretty cool for me and Cyd to see the crowd and now as Team All In, and walking left and right, they know who we are and they're rooting for us. To actually be able to defend again, it's a big thing for us, I think.

CYDNEY CLANTON: I think it would be really special. There's so many good memories, especially for me in this situation in 2018. But to come back and play good again, and I feel like we've grinded all week, I feel that 2019 felt a little bit easier than this week. I feel like we've grinded really hard. So that's what the goal is. The goal is to grind. All of us want to win, and so it would be really cool to do it two times in a row.

I think we'd probably be speechless tomorrow to be honest with you. I'm sure all the emotions will come, but can't really worry about tomorrow until tomorrow.

Q. Cydney, how proud are you of yourself after what you were able to do in 2019 and just see this continued success here, as well?

CYDNEY CLANTON: You know, really 2019 wasn't me. It was totally a God thing. It was a God plan, and I wouldn't have been there and Jasmine wouldn't have picked me. The plan worked, and it's been such a cool journey. I wouldn't have picked the journey the way it did, but God had a plan. 2019 was so cool, so I look forward to seeing what tomorrow has for us.

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