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July 16, 2021

A Lim Kim

Yealimi Noh

Midland, Michigan, USA

Midland Country Club

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: You both combined for 13-under par overall, T3 as of right now. Take us through the day from both of your perspectives and how you got to the low number.

YEALIMI NOH: I'll go first. I think we started out a little slow on the front nine and then -- but we played really simple overall. The whole three rounds we played really solid golf, not many mistakes, and I think we complemented each other really well.

Like when I made a mistake she would cover up and vice versa. Everything just fit really well and had a good teamwork most of the holes.

Q. How about from your perspective?

YEALIMI NOH: She thinks I played well, but she put me in really good positions to be able to pull off shots. Same thing when I hit a good tee shot or driver shot -- yeah, same thing -- she was able to make the putt and convert it into a good score. We complemented each other really well today.

Q. A Lim, it seems like some of the best success in this event comes when one partner is maybe overtly complementing their partner. Do you feel that you -- depending on the day, that one of you is complementing the other quite a bit?

A LIM KIM: She plays well today. She played well today and yesterday.

YEALIMI NOH: I was able to pull off shots and she again was able to cover up. I think we just trusted each other really well. When I hit a good shot I trusted that she was going to make the putt, and -- yeah.

Our games are really similar yardage wise and everything. I think that's what helps us play well this week is we're pretty similar game style.

Q. What have you learned from playing with a major champion?

YEALIMI NOH: Oh, I've learned so much. Really it's so fun to be around her on and off the golf course. On the golf course she's just so positive and she says that she can do it all, and she's just very confident and committed to each shot and just -- even if we're in a bad position, she's like, I can do it.

It makes me feel so relieved as a partner, especially in alternate shot where I don't have to feel pressured or burdened to hit good shot because she's going to be like, Okay, we got this, so it's really nice to have that.

Q. A Lim, has Yealimi asked you any interesting questions this week picking your brain?

A LIM KIM: Maybe. Not really. We're just so normal out there, just talking about the shot.

YEALIMI NOH: We actually talk about our shots a lot. After the hole we just go over, and if we made it then we're like, Oh, that was so good. And after we made it we're just like, Oh -- she said we talk a lot about food, too. It was just really easy.

Q. How good of a position do you feel you put yourselves in to make a run at winning tomorrow?

YEALIMI NOH: I think we didn't really think about that today. Like we just go out and play. I think we played really -- I'm just glad that we're done with alternate shot. It's really different. I haven't played like stroke play alternate in a long time, so the first day I was actually like really nervous just because it was so weird.

I'm glad that we were able to cap off a solid round today and just tomorrow we're just going to go for everything. Just go for it tomorrow.

Q. A Lim, are you extra excited for tomorrow?

A LIM KIM: Maybe tomorrow I'm going to putt, maybe tomorrow she only going to drive.

YEALIMI NOH: I think we do that really well. If someone hits it safe we can go for it, and just like really good teamwork so far.

Q. A Lim, this might be a slightly awkward question with Yealimi serving as your translator, but what are the parts of Yealimi's game you've noticed playing alongside her this week?

A LIM KIM: She's a very (indiscernible) player, and I love it, and that's it.

Q. What kind of food did you guys talk about?

YEALIMI NOH: We talked about what we should get for dinner here. It's a very small town so we see everyone everywhere. We're always wondering what we should eat for dinner and what we ate the night before, like what did you eat for dinner. We're and just like that.

Q. Talk about the excitement of the walk-up song, and who picked it and how did you pick it?

YEALIMI NOH: I picked the song, but we were actually kind of late on the deadline so I kind of forgot about it, and she was like, we've got to get a song, and we chose a bunch of songs. And I was like, Okay, okay, I'm just good with whatever because it's so hard to decide.

Honestly I kind of just was like -- I just chose the first one, and then Girl on Fire, we should be on fire, so...

Q. A Lim, when you won the U.S. Open last year there were no fans or there was a limited number of fans out. What's it like to be in contention at an LPGA event with this kind of atmosphere?

A LIM KIM: It's a lot more fun. Obviously as players we all like to have galleries out here, so it's just overall really exciting and more fun.

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