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July 16, 2021

Harris English

Sandwich, Kent, England, UK

Mixed Zone

Q. Hi, Harris. Thanks for joining us here after the second round at the 149th Open. I've got a few questions here for you. You finished on level par and got in over the line making the cut. What must it have felt like on the 9th tee being 6-over par knowing the cut mark was going to be about +1 and then ripping the course apart?

HARRIS ENGLISH: Yeah, I knew coming in today the first probably five holes were going to play tough. After you could get through that you could get the course pretty good.

I was hitting the ball really well. 7 I missed a close one for birdie.

6 I missed a close one for birdie.

I knew if I keep giving myself chances -- hit the flagstick on 10, so I was getting on a roll there. Hit it close on 9. Made birdie. I was like, okay, get to the back nine and I can get it.

Hit the flagstick on 10. Got an unlucky break and went to about 30 feet. Chipped in on 11 and just rode that momentum. I don't know. I don't like missing cuts and I especially don't like missing cuts at The Open. This is one my favourite tournaments, and lucky to get on the right side of draw.

It was nice this afternoon. The wind was laying down. Very gettable pins out there. So I'm happy with the way I played, the way I hung in there. Could have easily given up after being 6-over, like you said, but got to stick with it. Just get the momentum going and anything can happen.

Q. How key was the driver today? You hit 12 for 14 fairways. Was that really important for you to get that score?

HARRIS ENGLISH: Yeah, hit the driver a lot better today. Yesterday I was a little bit off. I mean, I wasn't a whole lot off, but hit it in the rough a couple times. Hit in the bunkers a couple times where I had to basically pitch out sideways. That's three shots yesterday that I lost and I three-putted four times as well.

That is basically my round yesterday. Definitely drove the ball better today and my speed was a lot better on the greens today and got the putter going. If you can play the golf course from the fairway out here it's very gettable, especially with the wind down like this.

Hopefully can keep it going on the weekend and some low scores are possible.

Q. Presuming that, let's say, with the warm weather, firming greens, firming fairways, that will suit you a bit. Certainly as the days start to get warmer, your scores starting tumbling.

HARRIS ENGLISH: Yeah, I definitely would prefer it to be firm and fast. I love -- when I think about links golf that's what I think is a firm and fast golf course. Muirfield a few years back was incredible. Probably one the most firm golf course I ever played.

I'd love it to get like that. I think I that's how you make it tough out here. Really put a premium on hitting fairways and picking your spots and playing a game of chess out here, figuring out the spots you can go for and pins you have to play safe to.

Yeah, I don't see any reason why they shouldn't firm the greens up and get them faster.

Q. If you keep up the momentum from the last 10 holes anyway, you never know what you might do this weekend. Thanks a million for stopping by, and best of luck.

HARRIS ENGLISH: Yeah, thank you.

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