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July 16, 2021

Jazz Janewattananond

Sandwich, Kent, England, UK

Mixed Zone

Q. Jazz, second round at The 149th Open. Nicer conditions out there for you today.

JAZZ JANEWATTANANOND: Yeah, nice and early. One of the earliest round I ever played in my life, but pretty good experience, you know, warming up at like 5:00-ish. But it's great though. First The Open cut I made since my career, in my career, so it's really good.

Q. And did you feel like now that you have played in a couple Open Championships now you're a little bit more familiar with links golf?

JAZZ JANEWATTANANOND: Yeah, for sure. I think takes time because I grew up in this Asia where links golf is kind of a thing we don't really see. We don't get this weather for sure.

But it's great. Coming back here to Royal St George's, I played Duke of York here when I was like 14, so it's really great to come back here again and play in the The Open Championship.

Q. The course, did you remember it? Is it similar?

JAZZ JANEWATTANANOND: I remember a couple things. I remember getting -- so when I was 14 I was out there on the practice round with my golf bag and umbrella and it rain out, and I think I got lost on the 5th hole or something and couldn't get back to the clubhouse and I had to waited for the rain to stop. It's a really funny story, and I cherish that memory.

And now I came back here to the Open and the weather is perfect, so I don't know what happened then.

Q. Obviously there is also plenty of crowds out there and the grandstands, so it's a lot easier to have some definition in the golf course. What has it been like to be playing in front of so many fans?

JAZZ JANEWATTANANOND: I mean, it's great to have fan back again. We haven't play in front of fan last year. This is probably my fourth with fan back, and it's been really great getting the reaction.

Can't always see if it landed on the green or not, but the fan helped out for sure. You get motivated when you make birdie and we know you miss something they kind of cheer up a little bit as well.

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