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July 16, 2021

Daniel Van Tonder

Sandwich, Kent, England, UK

Mixed Zone

Q. A 4-under par 66 today. You must be very satisfied with that performance.

DANIEL VAN TONDER: Yeah, I mean, very happy. Left a few putts out there, but other than that, happy with the performance. I was consistent. I was in trouble a few times but managed to muscle it out there a few times, but recovered from that, so happy.

Q. Four birdies on the back nine; can you give us a bit of information about how that happened?

DANIEL VAN TONDER: Yeah, I mean, after I was 1-over on the front nine, made a birdie on the 8th, and then from there just felt a bit easier.

My wife just agreeing on everything, she trusts my aggressiveness on the course with a few shots. Other than that, just enjoyed it.

Q. You shot a 68 yesterday, 66 today; you're hitting fairways. Did you see that as an improvement and a better score?

DANIEL VAN TONDER: I couldn't really hear you there, but I'll answer as best as I can. I mean, 66 today, 4-under par, I was quite happy. I mean, yesterday I left about four shots out.

I think today I also left a few out there, but you can't win it in the first two days. There's two days to go. I'm very happy.

Q. You must be delighted to kind of be safe and secure for the weekend and challenging for a major. You must be encouraged to be going into the weekend with a real chance.

DANIEL VAN TONDER: Yeah. I can't ask for much. Golf you can't really go and just say you want to be this or that. You have to go out and play.

Yeah, as long as the wind keeps on blowing, I'm very happy about that. Yeah, I'm here for the weekend and just enjoying every moment.

Q. In terms of this morning's conditions, was there more of a contrast between yesterday evening when you finished and let's say this morning? Was it a bit more receptive? Was it easier to score?

DANIEL VAN TONDER: No, it was the same. The wind this morning was a bit more from the side than yesterday on the first tee -- from the first tee it was more down off the left, and today it was more straight off the left. But the first tee is very deceiving because the grandstand blocks out the wind, so you have to be there and trust yourself on the first tee.

I've been two days in a row in the bush on the right, but tomorrow I won't be.

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