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July 16, 2021

Sam Forgan

Sandwich, Kent, England, UK

Mixed Zone

Q. Sam, thanks for joining us. Some emotion, did everything just get to you there at the end coming off?

SAM FORGAN: A little bit. Yeah, it was a bit strange. Not really an emotional guy, to be honest. I suppose it's one of those you don't really know when you're going to get another chance like this.

I don't think it was because I played badly. I don't know. I just loved it. I guess you don't know when it's going to happen again.

Q. I guess having got this far, really does make you more determined to get back.

SAM FORGAN: Yeah, no, it's one of those you obviously get a taste for it and that's nice, but for me, strange time in my life really, I suppose. I've got a kid on the way and that sort of thing.

So, yeah, so I kind of said this year might be my last year playing anyway, so I guess we'll kind of look at that when I get home. Talk with the wife and that kind of stuff and see what's going on. Yeah, we'll see.

Q. I guess that's a decision you want take some serious time to think about before you actually jack in in if that's what you're thinking.

SAM FORGAN: Yeah, no, yeah. I mean, Padraig was great. He was speaking at the end and he was saying obviously saying you're good enough and hit it far enough. Just got to believe in yourself a bit more. That's great to hear.

But, yeah, no, we'll see.

Q. That's one of the memories you'll have of The Open, isn't it? Not only playing with former Open champions, but having your brother on the bag as well. That must be special for him.

SAM FORGAN: Yeah, no, obviously with my from the start as well. We did regional and finals together and The Open together. Yeah, it's been a journey, one we both loved it I think. I'm sure I can speak for him. He loved it as much as me.

Q. You had a lot of people cheer in the first. It was almost like you were winning The Open from the cheers you were getting.

SAM FORGAN: Yeah, no, I think with obviously the COVID stuff this year, they -- I think a lot of obviously international guys weren't using their allocation. The R&A were great with me. They gave me loads of tickets, so I got quite a lot of people in it. Yeah, no, it was great. It was great.

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