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July 16, 2021

Ryan Fox

Sandwich, Kent, England, UK

Mixed Zone

Q. Ryan, thank you so much for joining us. Another really nice round from you here at The Open, another 2-under. Talk to us about that.

RYAN FOX: Played really good today. Drove it the best I've driven it probably all year. Gave myself lots of chances and converted a few putts. I probably left a few out there, and only really hit one bad shot on the 5th hole, which got penalized pretty badly for that in the long stuff.

Other than that, really happy with how I hit it and fought back after a pretty tough start.

Q. It's always definitely nice to finish birdie-birdie, isn't?

RYAN FOX: Yeah, definitely. I hit two really good tee shots down the last two, and I hadn't really seen too many go in and sort of holed two 20-footers the last two holes. It kept up a really solid day.

Could have holed a couple shorter ones throughout the middle of the round, but just nice to see a couple go in at the end.

Q. Talk to us about the conditions. Was it nice to be out there earlier this morning and how did the course play today compared to yesterday?

RYAN FOX: Definitely played easier. There was a lot less wind, and I think the wind sorted of died a little bit through the middle of our round. There was bit more breeze earlier -- well, maybe it was just because a bit colder earlier it felt like there was more breeze. When we got to 9, 10 it became a really nice day.

Just enough breeze to make it tricky, but nothing like yesterday. I thought maybe the setup of the golf course was tougher. Definitely a bit firmer out there. Some of the pins were tucked nicely today.

So maybe the scoring will be about the same as yesterday even though conditions are slightly easier.

Q. What is the plan for the weekend here at The Open? Are you going to try to continue your way up the leaderboard?

RYAN FOX: Yeah, just keep doing what I'm doing. Feel pretty comfortable with every part of my game at the moment. Yeah, just try to keep it in play as much as I can, stay out of the long stuff, and hope the putter continues to work.

Q. What do you feel like the support from home will be? I'm sure quite immense over this weakened. All of New Zealand cheering you on?

RYAN FOX: Yeah, I've just checked my phone. Probably take me an hour to replay all the messages I've had so far, which is nice. I think it was a pretty nice watching time for back home. I hope I had a couple shots make it on TV for everyone at home.

Yeah, hopefully I can keep doing it and give them something else to cheer about over the weekend.

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