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July 16, 2021

Sam Bairstow

Sandwich, Kent, England, UK

Mixed Zone

Q. Hi, Sam, thanks so much for joining us here after two rounds at The 149th Open. Pretty pleased with that round today?

SAM BAIRSTOW: Yeah, could have been a bit better. Didn't hole anything really. Hit it quite nice. Just didn't hole anything.

But, yeah, still a decent round, yeah.

Q. Did you feel that you learnt a fair bit in the first round that you put into play in the second one?

SAM BAIRSTOW: I think it was just more how to handle the situation more than anything. Probably didn't play any better long game-wise.

Just with the crowds and stuff just handled that a bit better.

Q. I mean, that's quite a big thing, isn't it, playing in front of those crowds? So you felt a bit more settled, it wasn't so much wide-eyed and looking around and sort of trying to take it in?

SAM BAIRSTOW: Yeah, I mean, there were loads more here today it felt like. Yeah, it was good to have some family out again today. It was nice to have the support out there.

Q. Do you feel having now qualified for The Open and played at it that you are now somebody who can play in this sort of the company? Does it give that you confidence?

SAM BAIRSTOW: Yeah, definitely. Yeah, it's just good to play with these guys and compare my game to what they're at. It all boils down to putting really. That's the main difference I've seen.

Q. So is that something you'll a take away, that when you go back to Dronfield and you're working on your game, right, this is what I need to get better at?

SAM BAIRSTOW: Yeah, definitely. Definitely. Absolutely.

Q. In terms of playing The Open, having had a taste of it, how much does that give you the huge desire to get back there one day?

SAM BAIRSTOW: Yeah, definitely. I would love to be playing next year at St Andrews, either through qualifying or whether I win the British Am or whatever. Just love to play it again, especially at St. Andrews as well. It would be special there.

Q. Especially in the 150th anniversary of The Open, it would be special, wouldn't it?


Q. You mentioned the British Amateur. What's the plan for you career-wise now going forward?

SAM BAIRSTOW: Well, I was thinking about turning pro at the end of this year but Q-School has been cancelled, so I'll probably stay amateur another year and try again. Try and sort of play World Championships and sort of represent England and GB&I and stuff, so probably do that for another year and then see where I am at the end of the next year, I think.

Q. You mentioned Q-School isn't happening because of what's going on in the world with the pandemic. That's a big setback, isn't it?

SAM BAIRSTOW: Yeah, definitely. Well, I mean, for guys like me it's been -- those that just turned pro it's like three years they haven't had a chance really to do anything. Hopefully next year it gets back up and running.

Q. What is you next tournament? Have you got a bit of time off?

SAM BAIRSTOW: Got a week off and then playing the English Amateur. Not far from home, so that should be all right.

Q. Hopefully you'll get a bit of home support there.

SAM BAIRSTOW: Hopefully, yeah.

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