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July 16, 2021

Jonathan Thomson

Sandwich, Kent, England, UK

Mixed Zone

Q. Jonathan, thanks for joining us. What an eventful day. How did you begin to sort of look back? Let's start by talking about I suppose what is the highlight, the hole-in-one on 16.

JONATHAN THOMSON: Yeah, I mean, it's just phenomenal, to be honest. Like the roar, the shot, everything about that hole, it's indescribable really. It sort of was a real booster because I was grinding out there as well, to be fair. It wasn't easy. I was playing good. I just couldn't seem to get anything going properly.

Then that happened and it was like, you know, that's just awesome.

Q. Tell us about the shot or the shots that got you to this hole-in-one.


Q. Sorry. It's just dropped out. Tell me about the shot then, the hole-in-one.

JONATHAN THOMSON: Yeah, so are we going back to the same question, are we?

Q. Yeah. It dropped out on my end so I wasn't sure if you'd heard me, so I asked you the question again. Sorry.

JONATHAN THOMSON: Oh, okay. Yeah, yeah, no, the hole-in-one was obviously awesome. It was a really confidence after what had been up until that point a real grind.

I was playing great, just couldn't get anything going, and, yeah, what an experience.

Q. Were you thinking about the cut all the way through? Obviously towards the end you got over to the line in some style, but was that on your mind?

JONATHAN THOMSON: I think every professional golfer out there you sort of have to have a look what the mark is otherwise you've got nothing to work towards.

I kind of knew I was always right on the bubble, but I also knew that I was playing great, so patience was key, and thankfully it's paid off.

Q. And how special a feeling is it to be here for the weekend?

JONATHAN THOMSON: Yeah, it's awesome. You know, you dream about playing in The Open as a kid and then you come here, have a hole-in-one and make the cut, and it's just like, Wow.

Q. Do you think about what sort of score it might take to get up there on moving day?

JONATHAN THOMSON: No, I don't, to be honest. I think I've done a really good job this week of managing expectations. I've got my coach here, my fiancée here with me. We've done a really good job of taking control of this is just another golf tournament.

Obviously it is a major, but we've done a real good job of managing that so far, and that's certainly one of the aims going forward, to keep on top of it.

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