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July 15, 2021

Wichanee Meechai

Pavarisa Yoktuan

Midland, Michigan, USA

Midland Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. What went into 7-under today, bogey-free. We'll start with you, Wichanee.

WICHANEE MEECHAI: I think we just feel like -- I feel like she have my back so I can hit more aggressive.


WICHANEE MEECHAI: Yeah, and then I putted like so hard.

PAVARISA YOKTUAN: She putted so good.

WICHANEE MEECHAI: Yeah, every time she got a par and I had to go for it, so yeah, I just tried to make it aggressive, more aggressive.

Q. How about from your point of view?

PAVARISA YOKTUAN: Me? I know that I always have her back. I told her that I'll be aggressive. I'll be aggressive. I'll be aggressive one first and then she just like go for the birdie.

I put anything close -- I mean, like I made a few stupid putts, but it happens. But just like today, I think in the afternoon after the rain, the green is kind of bumpy a little bit because of the footprints, but it's okay, it turned out pretty well.

Q. Would you say that there's just as much strategy on a four-ball day as there is in alternate-shot, maybe even more so, just to try to find -- you really want to try to find as low of a number around this place. What was the strategy going into the day?

WICHANEE MEECHAI: Just hit it at the hole. Like aim it at the hole all the time.

PAVARISA YOKTUAN: Yeah, we talk about it that we just need to be aggressive because you control that here because it's so soft. It's a lot of back spin. Just like go for the pin. Don't go for --

WICHANEE MEECHAI: Don't play safe.

PAVARISA YOKTUAN: Just go for it.

Q. The Jutanugarns are in first; Pajaree is sitting there in second with Aditi; you guys are tied for third; I think Jasmine is tied for fifth with Cydney.

WICHANEE MEECHAI: It's a Thai tournament. Yeah, it's a Thai tournament, kind of like that.

PAVARISA YOKTUAN: I don't know, maybe we'll feel more like comfortable when we play together because we're kind of close.

WICHANEE MEECHAI: We hang out a lot, not just me and her, like all Thai people because we have 10 Thai people here, but Dottie is only one Filipino, but she's like the No. 11.

But all of us, like we always hang out together. We all know each other and we all feel comfortable with each other, so it's kind of good.

Q. She's the adopted Thai, Dottie?

PAVARISA YOKTUAN: Yeah, she loves Thai food.

Q. Wichanee, you've had a pretty solid year this year, some good rounds recently. This is maybe a new territory for you this year, T3. Will you be able to give some of your experience to her, give her some advice to keep you comfortable and keep you guys going in the right direction?

WICHANEE MEECHAI: We talk about the golf today. Like we're just trying to focus, like trying to win, not trying to just make the cut.

PAVARISA YOKTUAN: It's not about the cut now, it's about like how you're going to be able to be up there, like just -- like honestly, we don't really have the chance to be like up here much, especially for me, but her, she have a really good year.

But this is a really good chance. Like we just need to be grinding for it.

Q. Is this the type of event where when you have a teammate that you're comfortable with and has your back that you can gain some confidence for maybe events that you play by yourself? Do you feel that way?

PAVARISA YOKTUAN: Yes, that's just -- I told her, two weeks ago she was like, okay, can I skip, because she feels tired.

WICHANEE MEECHAI: I'm so tired because I played all the way and next week it's like a major, so I was like, friend, can you find another partner or something.

PAVARISA YOKTUAN: And I said no. No right away. I'm like, no, you cannot do that. You have no right to do that to me.

WICHANEE MEECHAI: She hung up, and I was like, okay, I'm going to play.

PAVARISA YOKTUAN: Good thing she did not do that.

WICHANEE MEECHAI: It turned out good.

Q. Where did the World War III come into play?

WICHANEE MEECHAI: I feel like when we're together, we always are like that.

Q. That's just the mark of a good friendship, ensuring you keep each other on your toes?


Q. You said obviously the goal is to win. You'll be chasing Ariya and Moriya.


PAVARISA YOKTUAN: We're going to talk to them, too. Like, okay, we're after you. Be careful.

WICHANEE MEECHAI: Maybe they're going to run away, but we will try.

Q. You always see Ariya, she's always cheering everybody on, including people she's competing against. Do you think she -- she wants to win, I'm sure, but do you think she has a soft spot in her heart for her fellow Thai players?

PAVARISA YOKTUAN: I don't know, you never know. She's a fighter. Both of them, they are a fighter. Whatever it is, it just like -- whoever wins, we're just happy for them. Anybody, it's like just do your best. She has a really big heart. Not just her but her family.

It's so nice of them that she's including us, too. When we see the Thai flag up there, doesn't matter who, we just cheer for them.


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