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July 15, 2021

Haeji Kang

Amy Yang

Midland, Michigan, USA

Midland Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Haeji Kang and Amy Yang. What a spectacular round today, 61 total between the two of you. Amy, start with you first. Just what was working so well between both of you today out on the course?

AMY YANG: I mean, I think we both hit a lot of solid shots out there and gave us like a lot of good chances out there. Both were just -- since everything was working well, even putting, so just happy how we played, and so proud of her, too.

Q. Haeji, a lot birdies on the card for you both of you today. Of how comfortable do you feel in your game playing alongside Amy?

HAEJI KANG: Obviously I play with Amy a lot in Orlando because we live close to each other. We actually won a golf tournament together when we were like kids, like we played foursome championship and we won it.

So I just felt really, really comfortable. We were just making jokes to each other and like just felt like we were just having fun, yeah.

Q. How old were you when you guys won this together?

HAEJI KANG: I think we were 15 and 16.


Q. This was in Korea?

HAEJI KANG: No, in Australia.

Q. Okay. So you guys have been friends. I know, but you guys have been friends for quite sometime; am I right?



Q. When did this partnership come to be? When did you decide you wanted to partner for Dow?

AMY YANG: I think I asked her to play with me like last year, wasn't it?


AMY YANG: Haeji was like, Eh. No, I'm kidding. No. Yeah, we were happy that we played.

Q. This is a very unique format. We don't get this each event out here on the LPGA Tour. Which one is your favorite between the two that you get to play here? Do you like the alternate shot or are you more of a best-ball kind of player?

HAEJI KANG: I would say best ball has less pressure on each other because like if I screw up in like foursome, like I feel bad and stuff like that.

So today I just felt like I'll try -- I'll do my best and then see what we can do, and then we finished with a great round.

Q. Amy, what do you like better? Do you like the best ball or do you like the challenge of the alternate shot?

AMY YANG: I like the best ball better because it's less pressure.

Like she said, if I screw up one shot out there, I mean, we already agreed that let's don't feel sorry about it. Let's have fun out there.

Even we talked about it already, just gives you like a lot of pressure. Still a lot of fun though, yeah.

Q. How much support does Amy give you on the course out there?

HAEJI KANG: Oh, a lot. A lot. Just like my big sister, yeah.

Q. And Amy, how exciting is it to be able to play this fun event? Like I said earlier, it's not like the ones we usually play. How excited have you been to get ready to play with one of your really good friends?

AMY YANG: I was really looking forward to it. I'm happy to have this tournament on our schedule. Always looking forward to enjoy with my friend.

Q. And what will be the mindset as you change formats tomorrow to that back to that alternate shot way of thinking? Someone take evens? Some take odds?

HAEJI KANG: Well, I'm taking odds and Amy is taking even because I think Amy's driver shot is more accurate than I am right now. So I'm actually giving her more pressure.

But we'll just play like today. Just focus on each shot and see what we can do. Yeah, and enjoy it.

AMY YANG: Have a lot of fun.

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